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The Staff of WFO Wakefield

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Meteorologist-In-Charge - Jeff Orrock email

Warning Coordination Meteorologist - Bill Sammler  email

Science Operations Officer - Mike Dutter email

Electronic Systems Analyst - Ron Boyle email

Administrative Assistant - Fay Gay email


Service Hydrologist -Eric Seymour email 

Information Technology

Information Technology Officer - Scott Schumann  email

Cooperative Network

Observation Program Leader -James Foster email

    Lead Forecasters

Wayne Albright email

Larry Brown email

Michael Montefusco email

Michael Rusnak email

Andrew Zimmerman email

    Journeyman Forecasters

Tim Gingrich email

Jonathan McGee email

Matthew Scalora email

Bridget DeRosa email

Scott Minnick email

    Meteorological Interns

Lyle Alexander email

danAlec Butner email

    Electronics Technicians

Guy Louie Drebing email

Guy David Evers email