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Wintry Mix of Precipitation Arriving Later Today into Tonight

Our next round of wintry precipitation will arrive later today into tonight in the form of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Travel tonight and for the Friday morning commute is likely to be impacted. Read More >

An area of low pressure moved across southern Canada to northern Lake Superior during the day and night of the 20th. As the low progressed east, it dragged a warm front across the Upper Midwest. Light snow developed well east of the warm front during the early morning hours of the 20th and continued through sunrise. Accumulations from this first round of snow ranged from a trace up to 3 inches. As the warm front passed through the region, an upper level disturbance moved across the Upper Midwest. The combination of these two features caused a narrow but intense band of snow to develop during the late morning hours. This band of snow continued through the afternoon into the evening and dropped up to 8 to 9 inches of snow across parts of central Wisconsin.

Around the local area, the band of the heaviest snow extended from eastern Mower county in Minnesota, through the La Crosse area into northern Adams and Juneau counties of central Wisconsin. The highest snowfall totals reported were 9 inches at Lake Camelot, Wisconsin and 8 inches at Arkdale, Wisconsin.

Snow totals for December 20.


1040 AM CST TUE DEC 21 2004




ST ANSGAR 7NW                   MITCHELL         3.5
STACYVILLE                      MITCHELL         3.4
OSAGE                           HOWARD           2.4
WAUCOMA 3N                      FAYETTE          2.2
CRESCO                          HOWARD           2.0
ELMA                            HOWARD           2.0
OSSIAN                          WINNESHIEK       2.0
NEW HAMPTON 1S                  CHICKASAW        1.9
IONIA                           CHICKASAW        1.6
CHARLES CITY                    FLOYD            1.5
DECORAH                         WINNESHIEK       1.5
DORCHESTER                      ALLAMAKEE        1.4
FAYETTE                         FAYETTE          1.4
NEW HAMPTON                     CHICKASAW        1.3
CLERMONT                        FAYETTE          1.1
OELWEIN 2S                      FAYETTE          1.0
HAWKEYE                         FAYETTE          0.8
WAUKON 8NW                      ALLAMAKEE        0.8
VOLGA                           CLAYTON          0.8
STRAWBERRY POINT                CLAYTON          0.8
GARNAVILLO                      CLAYTON          0.6
EDGEWOOD                        CLAYTON          0.5
WATERVILLE 8S                   ALLAMAKEE        0.5
ELKADER                         CLAYTON          0.1


SPRING VALLEY 3SW               FILLMORE         6.5
LA CRESCENT 1N                  HOUSTON          6.3
LA CRESCENT 3W                  HOUSTON          6.0
LANESBORO                       FILLMORE         6.0
SPRING VALLEY                   FILLMORE         6.0
PRESTON                         FILLMORE         6.0
PRESTON COOP                    FILLMORE         5.4
AUSTIN - KAAL TV                MOWER            5.0
GRAND MEADOW                    MOWER            5.0
DOVER 3S                        OLMSTED          4.5
FOUNTAIN                        FILLMORE         4.5
WINONA 3S                       WINONA           4.5
HIGHLAND                        FILLMORE         4.0
STEWARTVILLE                    OLMSTED          4.0
WINONA DAM 5                    WINONA           4.0
WYKOFF 3N                       FILLMORE         4.0
WINONA                          WINONA           3.9
CHATFIELD 4W                    OLMSTED          3.8
GOODVIEW                        WINONA           3.8
ST CHARLES 5N                   WINONA           3.8
BYRON 6N                        OLMSTED          3.3
BYRON 4S                        OLMSTED          3.0
ALTURA                          WINONA           3.0
ROCHESTER ARPT                  OLMSTED          3.0
ROCHESTER 4E                    OLMSTED          3.0
SPRING GROVE                    HOUSTON          2.5
CALEDONIA                       HOUSTON          2.1
SPRING GROVE 4N                 HOUSTON          2.1
BYRON                           OLMSTED          2.0
ROCHESTER CITY                  OLMSTED          1.8
ELGIN                           WABASHA          1.7
MANTORVILLE 3E                  DODGE            1.3
DODGE CENTER                    DODGE            1.0
THEILMAN                        WABASHA          1.0
PLAINVIEW                       WABASHA          1.0
DOUGLAS 2N                      OLMSTED          0.8
ZUMBRO FALLS                    WABASHA          0.6
PINE ISLAND 2S                  OLMSTED          0.5
WABASHA 5S                      WABASHA          0.5
WABASHA                         WABASHA          0.4
KASSON                          DODGE            0.2
LAKE CITY                       WABASHA          0.1


LAKE CAMELOT                    ADAMS            9.0
ARKDALE                         ADAMS            8.0
SPARTA 2S                       MONROE           7.3
LA CROSSE 1N                    LA CROSSE        7.3
NECEDAH                         JUNEAU           7.2
FRENCH ISLAND                   LA CROSSE        7.1
FRIENDSHIP 5N                   ADAMS            7.0
LA CROSSE ARPT                  LA CROSSE        7.0 
ONALASKA                        LA CROSSE        7.0 
WARRENS                         MONROE           7.0
HOLMEN 2S                       LA CROSSE        6.9
FRIENDSHIP                      ADAMS            6.5
HOLMEN                          LA CROSSE        6.5
MONROE CENTER                   ADAMS            6.5
TOMAH                           MONROE           6.5
TREMPEALEAU                     TREMPEALEAU      6.5
VOLK FIELD                      JUNEAU           6.0
TOWN OF HOLLAND                 LA CROSSE        5.8
LA CROSSE 1ESE                  LA CROSSE        5.7
LA CROSSE NWS                   LA CROSSE        5.7
MATHER                          JUNEAU           5.5
SPARTA                          MONROE           5.5
LA CROSSE 5SSE                  LA CROSSE        5.3
MEDFORD                         TAYLOR           5.0
MILLSTON                        JACKSON          5.0
FOUR CORNERS                    MONROE           4.5
LUBLIN                          TAYLOR           4.5
TAYLOR                          JACKSON          4.5
WILTON                          MONROE           4.5 
BLACK RIVER FALLS               JACKSON          4.0
GALESVILLE                      TREMPEALEAU      4.0
GALESVILLE 1E                   TREMPEALEAU      4.0
ONTARIO                         VERNON           4.0 
OWEN 3W                         CLARK            4.0
ARCADIA                         TREMPEALEAU      4.0
ETTRICK                         TREMPEALEAU      4.0 
HATFIELD                        JACKSON          4.0
STODDARD 3NE                    VERNON           3.8 
HIXTON 5W                       JACKSON          3.7
BLAIR                           TREMPEALEAU      3.5
PLAINVILLE 5N                   ADAMS            3.5
VICTORY                         CRAWFORD         3.3 
NEILLSVILLE 3SW                 CLARK            3.0
HILLSBORO                       VERNON           3.0
HUB CITY                        RICHLAND         3.0
GOODRICH                        TAYLOR           3.0
MAUSTON - WRJC RADIO            JUNEAU           3.0
ROCKTON                         VERNON           3.0
VIROQUA                         VERNON           2.8
LONGWOOD                        CLARK            2.5
READSTOWN                       VERNON           2.2
LA FARGE                        VERNON           2.1
OSSEO                           TREMPEALEAU      2.0
STEUBEN 4SE                     CRAWFORD         1.8
RICHLAND CENTER                 RICHLAND         1.7
ALMA 5NE                        BUFFALO          1.5
GAYS MILLS                      CRAWFORD         1.5
GILMANTON 6W                    BUFFALO          1.5
GILMANTON 8SE                   BUFFALO          1.5
MONDOVI                         BUFFALO          1.5
RICHLAND CENTER 4NW             RICHLAND         1.5
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN                CRAWFORD         0.9
CASSVILLE 8NE                   GRANT            0.7
LANCASTER                       GRANT            0.5
WYALUSING                       GRANT            0.5 
PLATTEVILLE                     GRANT            0.4
CUBA CITY                       GRANT            0.3
SINSINAWA                       GRANT            0.3