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Snow & Light Freezing Rain Saturday Afternoon & Night. Difficult Travel Expected.

A winter storm looks to impact parts of the region Saturday afternoon through early Sunday morning. Travel could be difficult at times. Monitor forecasts closely, especially if you have travel plans. Read More >

Severe Weather Reference Tables

When reporting hail, and to avoid any misunderstandings, please use the table below as a reference...

pea 1/4
plain M&M 1/2
penny 3/4
nickel 7/8
quarter 1
half-dollar 1 1/4
walnut/ping-pong ball 1 1/2
golf ball 1 3/4
lime 2
tennis ball 2 1/2
baseball 2 3/4
softball 4
grapefruit 4 1/2

...and for wind reporting, here is the Beaufort Scale to help estimate the wind speeds.


Wind Speed (mph) Designation Description
<1 calm smoke rises vertically, trees do not move
1-3 light air smoke drift indicates wind direction
4-7 light breeze weaTDer vane moves, leaves rustle
8-12 light breeze leaves and twigs in constant motion
13-18 moderate breeze dust and loose paper raised, small branches move
19-24 fresh breeze small trees sway
25-31 strong breeze large branches move, wind whistles wires
32-38 moderate gale whole trees move, walking affected
39-46 fresh gale twigs break off trees, walking difficult
47-54 strong gale slight structural damage occurs, branches break
55-63 whole gale trees uprooted, considerable structural damage
64-74 storm widespread damage
75+ hurricane severe and extensive damage