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730 pm update...

VFR will continue most of tonight before conditions deteriorate
quickly with the approach of a warm front and a mix of sleet 
and freezing rain between 11 and 13z start. This will last 2 to
4 hours before changing to rain as temperatures rise. cigs and
vsbys fall to fuel alternate MVFR with the onset of
precipitation then mostly remain there all day. Some improvement
to VFR vsby and high MVFR cigs at ELM/AVP around 20z.  

This evening winds light and variable or calm. During the
overnight east to southeast winds at 4 to 8 kts but winds at 2k
ft increase to 30 to 35 kts so llws added. Friday morning winds
shift to the south at 10 kts then southwest in the afternoon. 


Friday night...Restrictions likely still with rain showers. 

Saturday through Tuesday...Restrictions likely in rain. Some 
freezing rain also possible Saturday night KSYR-KRME, and Sunday
night for KRME.


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