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NWS Bullet New Year's Day Climate Highlights for Central Alabama (Dec 26)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Christmas Day Snowfall of 2010. (Dec 25)
NWS Bullet Christmas Day Climate Highlights for Central Alabama (Dec 18)
NWS Bullet Introducing Our YouTube Channel! Click to Learn about YouTube & Multimedia Briefings. (Dec 18)
NWS Bullet What are Our Chances of Seeing a White Christmas?  (Dec 18)
NWS Bullet Severe Weather Preparedness Videos (Dec 17)
NWS Bullet Alabama Snowfall of December 18, 1996. (Dec 16)
NWS Bullet Looking back at the Severe/Winter Weather of December 9-11, 2008 (Dec 9)
NWS Bullet Think Outside the Box this Year. Give the Gift of Safety...a NOAA Weather Radio! (Dec 9)
NWS Bullet November Rainfall Totals Mapped - Click for Image & Interactive Map (Dec 3)
NWS Bullet Free App Available for Reporting Precipitation Type Wherever You Are! (Dec 3)
NWS Bullet Winter Weather Safety Information (download) (Nov 27)
NWS Bullet Iron Bowl Historical Climate Information (Nov 25)
NWS Bullet A Glance Back at the Tornado Outbreak of November 24, 2001. (Nov 24)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the November 23-24 2004 Severe Outbreak (Nov 24)
NWS Bullet Winter 2013-2014 Outlook (Nov 24)
NWS Bullet November 20th is National GIS Day! Click Here to See How the NWS Uses GIS. (Nov 19)
NWS Bullet NWS Birmingham Recognizes Co-Op Observers for their Dedicated Service (Nov 18)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the Ensley Tornado of 1957. (Nov 13)
NWS Bullet Looking back at the Tornado Outbreak on November 10th 2002. (Nov 8)
NWS Bullet Click Here for Current Conditions across Alabama. (Oct 25)
NWS Bullet What Makes for Fabulous Fall Foliage? (Oct 25)
NWS Bullet First & Last Freeze Statistics for Central Alabama (Oct 21)
NWS Bullet We had a Blast Attending National Preparedness Month Events! Click for Photos (Sep 28)
NWS Bullet Remembering Hurricane Georges on September 27, 1998 (Sep 26)
NWS Bullet New Online Tool Lets You Search through 150 Years of Historical Hurricane Landfalls  (Sep 10)
NWS Bullet NOAA, EUMETSAT Sign Agreement for Weather & Climate Monitoring (Sep 4)
NWS Bullet Hurricane Katrina and the Effects on Central Alabama (Aug 29)
NWS Bullet NOAA Confirms Wreck is Lost 19th Century U.S. Coast Survey Steamer (Aug 28)
NWS Bullet After 10 Years of Service, NOAA Retires GOES-12 Satellite (Aug 20)
NWS Bullet Ask the Hurricane Experts! Tweet Chat on Aug 13th (Aug 8)
NWS Bullet Click Here for Rainfall Tables for Select Cities across Central Alabama (Aug 3)
NWS Bullet July 2013 was Unusually Wet & Cool (Aug 2)
NWS Bullet Click Here for Monthly Climatological Extremes for Select Cities across Central Alabama (July 28)
NWS Bullet New User-Defined Forecasts Available! Click Here to Define YOUR Forecast Area. (July 20)
NWS Bullet American Red Cross Launches New App to Recruit Volunteers (July 19)
NWS Bullet A Tale of Two Very Different Junes: Eastern U.S. vs Western U.S. (July 16)
NWS Bullet Planning a Trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast? Know the Beach Forecast Before You Arrive. (July 13)
NWS Bullet Be Alert to These Dangers at the Beach before You Hit the Sand & Surf (July 7)
NWS Bullet Researchers Break Down Lightning Deaths by Leisure Activity. Which Activity is #1? (June 29)
NWS Bullet Balloons Aren't Just for Birthdays; They Help Us Gather Important Weather Data (June 28)
NWS Bullet 2013 Summer Solstice Occurs June 21st at 1204AM (June 21)
NWS Bullet 2012 Weather and Climate Disasters (June 16)
NWS Bullet What Names are on the List? Here are the Tropical Cyclone Names for 2013 (June 12)
NWS Bullet Rip Current Awareness Week is June 2-8 (June 2)
NWS Bullet Ask the Hurricane Experts! Tweet Chat on May 30th (May 29)
NWS Bullet Summer Thunderstorms and Microbursts - What You Should Know (May 29)
NWS Bullet Are you a Boater? Check out NOAA's New Mobile App for Recreational Boating! (May 28)
NWS Bullet National Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 26 - June 1 (May 26)
NWS Bullet National Boating Safety Week is May 18-24 (May 18)
NWS Bullet Early 2013 Tornado Statistics for Alabama (May 13)
NWS Bullet Unusual Weather Pattern during Early May 2013 - Updated for Rainfall Totals (May 1)
NWS Bullet Looking Back at the Mother's Day Severe Weather Event of May 11, 2008 (May 1)
NWS Bullet Weather Safety and Climatology for Talladega Races (May 1)
NWS Bullet April 27, 2011: Looking Forward (Apr 26)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the Dixie Tornado Outbreak of 1908 (Apr 24)
NWS Bullet Weather Review for the night of April 18th (Apr 18)
NWS Bullet Are You Prepared for Severe Weather? (Apr 18)
NWS Bullet Remembering the April 15, 2011 Tornado Outbreak (Apr 15)
NWS Bullet Storm Surveys from April 11th, 2013 (Apr 11)
NWS Bullet Review Severe Weather Safety Rules before the Storm Strikes (Apr 10)
NWS Bullet Remembering the April 8, 1998 Oak Grove F5 Tornado (Apr 8)
NWS Bullet Interesting Temperature Anomalies for March 2012 and 2013 (Apr 5)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Smithfield Tornado of April 4, 1977 (Apr 5)
NWS Bullet Remembering the Super Outbreak of April 3-4, 1974 (Apr 3)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the Large Hail & Wind Event Last Year (Mar 30)
NWS Bullet Hail and Wind Event from March 23, 2013 (Mar 26)
NWS Bullet Become a Weather Observer -- Join CoCoRaHS  (Mar 25)
NWS Bullet High Water Mark Unveiled in Wetumpka (Mar 25)
NWS Bullet Tornado & Widespread Hail/Wind Event on March 18, 2013 (Mar 24)
NWS Bullet NEW Flooding Inundation Map at Ensley (Mar 19)
NWS Bullet EF-1 Tornado in Columbus, GA on March 13th, 1997 (Mar 12)
NWS Bullet You Can "Be a Force of Nature" (Mar 10)
NWS Bullet Are You GIS Savvy? Then Check Out Our GIS Data Webpage! (Mar 6)
NWS Bullet 20 Years Ago: Remembering the "Blizzard of 1993"  (Mar 2)
NWS Bullet Are You Part of a Weather Ready Nation? (Mar 2)
NWS Bullet Day 6 to Day 10 Outlook (Mar 1)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the Tornadoes of Feb 28 2011 (Feb 28)
NWS Bullet An Active Weather Period Back in 2009 (Feb 28)
NWS Bullet Do You Know the Difference Between Our Flood Products? (Feb 24)
NWS Bullet Success!! The 2013 NWS Birmingham Open House (Feb 17)
NWS Bullet New National Weather Service Director Named (Feb 8)
NWS Bullet Got a Smart Phone? Want to Help the NWS? (Feb 8)
NWS Bullet Wind, Tornadoes and Flooding on January 30th (Feb 6)
NWS Bullet National Hurricane Center's 2013 5th Grade Webinar Series (Feb 2)
NWS Bullet Severe Weather - What You Need to Know (Jan 28)
NWS Bullet NOAA Satellites Aid in Saving Lives (Jan 23)
NWS Bullet Snowfall on January 17, 2013 (Jan 18)
NWS Bullet Click Here for Local Road Conditions (Jan 17)
NWS Bullet Tips for Measuring Snow (Jan 17)
NWS Bullet Latest River Flood Information and Forecast Stages (Jan 16)
NWS Bullet How Do Snowflakes Form? (Jan 15)
NWS Bullet NWS Birmingham Receives DOC Award for April 27, 2011 Outbreak (Jan 10)
NWS Bullet Winter Weather Safety Information (download) (Jan 8)
NWS Bullet Calling All Photographers - Photos Needed! (Jan 6)
NWS Bullet Central Alabama 2012 Year in Review (Jan 1)