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Updataed: Fri Dec 19, 2014 04:20AM
6h : [1005 pm] Headed out early Fri morning? Expect dry weather but with a lot of clouds and temps in the 20s to lower 30s.
8h : A pattern change to colder weather appears to be in the cards to kickoff 2015. Please retweet.
11h : [Christmas Eve] Fcst 6-7 days out; confidence some impact tho specifically-where unsure; continued guidance spread, namely track & strength
11h : [Christmas Eve] Strong area of low pres across & W of S New England; wet & windy; psbl coastal flood impacts; tho impact uncertainty
11h : [Saturday night - Sunday] Thinking very light ice / snow accums; main impact: slick road potential, esp those untreated; E MA & RI
11h : [Saturday night - Sunday] Potential for light snow & fzdz; E MA & RI; uncertainty where precip & type develops, also accums if any
11h : Feel free to RT. We continue to monitor two potential weather-threats for the upcoming week.
12h : We're already past the earliest sunset & almost to the darkest day of the year.
12h : [Friday] Cooler than Thurs by 5-10°, breezy NW-winds, high pres tho clouds may linger; highs @ low- to mid-30s
12h : [Tonight] Breezy NW winds, lingering clouds, lows @ the mid- to upper-20s, wind chills into the low teens
16h : [12p] Not forgetting about today. Still windy out there, quite a chill in the air. Wind chills @ low-30s.
16h : [Christmas Eve] Possible wet, windy & mild setup for much of S New England assoc w/ an inland storm system
16h : [Saturday Night - Sunday] Monitoring potential for light snow / freezing drizzle across E MA & RI
20h : [8a] Hold on to your hats! NW-winds 25-35 mph developing behind departing wx; continuing thru evening
22h : Thanks for the report! Fitchburg, MA: RT : my street
22h : Appreciate the report! Thanks. RT : Snow is currently falling in Monson, MA. Coating on the ground right now.
23h : Light rain & snow showers this AM will lead to a quick coating to an inch across the higher terrain.
Dec 17 : [250 am] A few rain/snow showers through 8 am, esp. in Northern + Eastern MA. A coating of snow poss in high terrain. Reports appreciated.
Dec 17 : [9 pm] Scattered rain/snow showers overnight, mainly north of MA turnpike. Coating of snow poss. high terrain.
Dec 17 : It was mild today w/highs 52 PVD, 51 BDL, 48 BOS & 44 ORH...about 10 degs above normal! How about the next few days?

Updataed: Fri Dec 19, 2014 04:20AM
7 hours ago: A pattern change to colder weather appears to be in the cards to kickoff 2015. Please share with your friends and family.
10 hours ago: Help us spread the word as we continue to monitor two potential weather-threats for the upcoming week:

1.) [Saturday night into Sunday] potential for very light snow and freezing drizzle.

Keeping an eye on areas across E MA & RI. Some uncertainty as to where precipitation will exactly develop, as well as snow and ice accumulation amounts if any. Right now we think any amounts would be very light should this event develop as we are presently forecasting. Main impact focused on the potential for slick area roadways, especially those untreated.

2.) [Christmas Eve] Strong area of low pressure across and west of New England.

While a majority of the forecast guidance is signalling a very wet and windy period during which time tides are astronomically high at Boston around noon Wednesday (11.7 feet), hence the coastal flooding concerns, there is still some uncertainty to the forecast as to the magnitude and specifically where impacts will be felt.

This forecast is still 6-7 days out and while there is substantial confidence of some sort of impact occurring during the timeframe, specifically remains relatively unknown as there continues to be a notable spread in the forecast guidance, namely both the track and strength of the area of low pressure with respect to Southern New England.

Stay tuned
11 hours ago: [430p]

The end of the work week here's a quick weather snapshot that you're more than welcome to share with your friends and family.

Still a bit breezy tonight out of the NW with some lingering clouds. Will see overnight lows around the mid- to upper-20s. May see wind chills into the low-teens for some areas.

Into Friday, cooler than Thursday by about 5 to 10 degrees under breezy NW-winds. High pressure building across the region but clouds may linger. Looking at highs around the low- to mid-30s.
16 hours ago: Midday Munchies Monitoring the potential for two periods of significant weather. We are simply making you aware at this time, but there is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast with regards to particulars and specifics:

[Saturday Night into Sunday] Potential for light snow / freezing drizzle across Eastern MA and RI

[Christmas Eve] Possible wet, windy & mild setup for much of Southern New England associated with an inland storm system
22 hours ago: Light rain and snow showers this morning will lead to a quick coating to an inch across the higher terrain. Otherwise conditions will turn drier later this morning with gusty winds lasting into tonight.
December 17: Scattered rain/snow showers expected overnight, mainly north of the MA turnpike. A coating of snow accumulation possible across the high terrain. Most of the scattered rain/snow showers will have exited the region by 8 or 9 am Thursday.
December 17: It was mild today with high temperatures: 52 TF Green Airport (Warwick, RI) , 51 Bradley Int. Airport (Windsor Locks, CT), Boston/Logan Airport 48 & Worcester Airport 44. These highs are about 10 degs warmer than normal. Temperatures will become colder beginning tonight and continuing into this weekend. Mainly dry weather thru Saturday then periods of light snow and/or rain possible Saturday night into Sunday. Any accumulations would be minor and probably confined to non paved surfaces with temperatures above freezing Sunday. Perhaps just enough snow to decorate the landscape.
December 17: Per webcams lots of sunshine across the state of RI at 1 pm.
December 17: Finally some breaks of sunshine for CT/RI & Western-Central MA! How long will it last?
December 17: Heads up to morning commuters: Rain and fog may make it a slow go.

The bulk of the heaviest rain will exit the region within the next hour or two. However there will be a few scattered showers lingering through the morning hours. Use caution if travelling due to ponding on the roads and fog will limit visibility.
December 16: Brief burst of heavy rain and even an isolated thunderstorm through 7 am this morning. Bulk of the rain then rapidly exits the coast between 7 and 9 am.
December 16: Rain overspreads most of southern New England by midnight and then exits the region Wednesday morning. Check out an approximate timeline.
December 16: Tuesday Evening Weather Briefing:

Showers will move through southern New England tonight, with most areas picking up about one-half inch of rain. Temperatures have warmed well into the 30s and 40s, so we are no longer concerned about any icing across the interior.

So what about that weekend storm you've been hearing about? It's still 5 days away, so things can change, but odds favor a slightly more offshore track. This would result in some rain near the coast, and some snow inland, but right now this does not appear to be a significant winter storm.
December 16: Think it's cold outside today? You might not after seeing what happened on this date in 1835!
December 16: 10:10 am Tue - Update on Icing Potential

The threat for light icing remains very low across interior sections of southern New England through early afternoon. Although temperatures were still below freezing in some locations, readings were on the rise and should be above 32 degrees before any drizzle begins this afternoon.

Showers are still expected tonight into Wednesday morning, but it will stay warm enough for all rain.
December 16: Patchy black ice is the main concern this morning especially north and west of I-95. Drivers should use caution travelling this morning. Expect drizzle to increase later this morning and if temperatures are close to freezing, then freezing drizzle is possible.

Otherwise expect a drizzle and cloudy day today, with showers moving into Southern New England later tonight and Wednesday morning.
December 15: [930 pm] Black ice and perhaps isolated pockets of freezing drizzle may affect the early Tuesday morning commute.
December 15: WEATHER ALERT: possible spotty freezing drizzle late tonight/early Tue am away from the coastline. Areal coverage is spotty so not all communities will be impacted.
December 15: Lots of talk about possible snow this weekend. How about a colder weather pattern end of Dec into early Jan? Multiple indications of such a pattern developing.
December 15:
December 15: Still a lot of uncertainty as there are significant differences in the timing, track, and strength of a potential weekend coastal storm.

We will continue to monitor, but for now it’s way too early to speculate on the forecast.
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December 14: *** Feel free to share & help us spread the word ***

A busy week ahead.

While we have decent confidence as to outcomes late Tuesday into Wednesday morning with light rain for most of Southern New England, perhaps some freezing rain for far NW Massachusetts, a potential coastal storm system next weekend is a whole different story.

Though a lot of uncertainty, and nothing is set in stone, and we are still 6-7 days out (a lot can significantly change), we wanted to provide you a heads up as to the possibility and potential around the weekend. Stay tuned for future forecast updates.
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December 13: So how many people remember what happened 7 years ago today? Bad timing of a moderate snowstorm turned traffic into complete gridlock, with some people stranded on area roads for over 8 hours! We would love to here your stories/memories about this storm.
December 13: Varying weather conditions at 230 pm across a short distance in Eastern MA w/moderate snow at Salisbury to blue sky Metro West.
December 13: [1130am] Light to moderate snow @ times will continue to impact Cape Ann area w/less than an 1" on non paved surfaces. Boston, only flurries
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December 13: :: Spread the Word ::

The Geminid Meteor Shower is at its peak, and hopefully conditions clear out this afternoon into tonight giving you the opportunity to head outside, look up at the stars and try to catch a meteor as it zips by, burning up through our atmosphere.

Of course no outdoor excursion would be complete without a weather forecast. They don't call us meteorologists for nothing. Check out the highs today and lows forecast tonight.

Find more information about the Geminid Meteor shower at the following:
December 12: Latest reports from the ASOSs in the Berkshires (North Adams, Pittsfield) into SW Vermont showing light snow falling there at 6 PM. Anyone out in the eastern slopes of the Berkshires getting any snow now? Please let us know! Thanks in advance for your assistance.
December 12: Wow! Just check out these rainfall totals around the San Francisco Bay area! Nearly 1/3 of the rain has fallen in the around the region in the past 2 days that fell all of last year leading to mudslides, flooding, and closed roadways.

For a full listing of rainfall totals, check out the following:

In comparison, ever wonder about what the greatest amount of rainfall to ever hit Southern New England over 2 days? Well wonder no more:

Boston: 11.94" August 18th - 19th, 1955
Hartford: 13.97" August 18th - 19th, 1955
Providence: 8.79" March 29th - 30th, 2010
Worcester: 10.99" August 18th - 19th, 1955

August 18th - 19th, 1955 rainfall amounts were the result of the remnants of Hurricane Diane.
December 12: Starting to see some spotty showers or flurries across central and northern Massachusetts late this afternoon. Otherwise, skies will average out partly to mostly cloudy through this evening.
December 12: Where does history say you should be for the best chance of seeing a white Christmas? Check out this article:
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December 12: Flashback Friday!

Share with us your stories and any pictures you may have of this event! Feel free to share this post with friends and family.

On this date 6 years ago in 2008 one of the worst ice storms in nearly a decade impacted portions of New England and Upstate New York. Millions were without power, some for weeks, as ice as thick as 1.5 inches downed trees and both utility wires and poles. Transportation for many Northeast cities was disrupted as was the holiday shopping season.

For further analysis, check out this write-up we conducted shortly after the event that breaks down the storm and its associated impacts, as well as our forecast response: