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Updataed: Tue Feb 21, 2017 06:40PM
1h: Some light freezing rain possible tonight mainly across Northern/Western Mass. Take it easy if commuting through this area:
3h: Thursday will be warm, but here's a little fun regarding the temperatures on Friday.
5h: Unfortunately, the poll majority was wrong. 70F on 2/24/1985 is the warmest temperature in Boston for the month of February.
5h: Supercooled water cloud meets ice cloud.
5h: Hole punch! Micrometeorology at its finest.
6h: No cheating, what is the highest temperature ever reached in Boston during the month of February?
7h: That is as much a good feeling as it is a scientific fact. Thanks for sharing it!
9h: For what it's worth it's not even a top 10 so far for us: Boston 17th Providence 17th Hartford 18th Worcester 21st
9h: Our ever changing snowpack! (note the dates are sporadic due to cloud cover on missing days)
11h: Clear skies this morning, makes it easy to identify ice covered lakes and open farmland in northern New England:
12h: Looking for some fresh snow? Head out west where locations in the Rockies, Cascades & Sierra Nevada will receive a foot+ of snow.
12h: Fun Fact!
14h: Perhaps the coldest temperatures for the work week! The region starts its warming trend after today.
15h: Fair skies and light wind today. Some high thin clouds will thicken later in the afternoon. Here is a look at our expected high temps.
22h: Today's National High/Low temps: 87 at Fort Myers, FL, Punta Gorda, FL; 5 at Mount Washington, NH
24h: It's total daylight. You have to add the increase from sunrise times as well.
24h: It's ok, it happens to the best of us.
Feb 20: Some light freezing rain possible across NW MA tomorrow night, stay tuned for updates:
Feb 20: Correction: We have gained 49 minutes of daylight since Feb 1, and 106 minutes since the winter solstice, Dec 21.
Feb 20: So what's helping the warm trend? Well, we have gained 89 minutes of daylight since Feb 1

Updataed: Tue Feb 21, 2017 06:40PM