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Updataed: Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:40AM
32m: New drought data is up. Not too much change for Southern New England:
2h: With a view like that we'd be "checking out" at Chatham!
5h: As dry as we've been lately, it's actually been worse! Here's were the 2016 Jan-Aug precipitation ranks, so far.
10h: Hurricane update issued. becomes the third hurricane of the atlantic season.
15h: on track for all-time driest summer, but only by 0.05" w/ 7 days left in the month. Thx
16h: Running rainfall deficits which only make up @ 75% of the total rainfall we should have as of now
17h: Coming down to the end of Aug, all of our climate sites are in the top 10 of monthly average temp; #1
17h: Only 1 more 90° day is required to put in the top 10 annual # of 90° days
18h: Follow for latest info on TS Gaston & Invest-99L! And of course, follow for SNE weather!
18h: Another pleasant night! Two things to watch: showers & thunderstorms possible Fri and the tropics!
22h: 24 years ago today, GOES-7 captured this imagery Hurricane Andrew making landfall in the US
22h: Check out the temperatures! Looks like a great day to eat lunch outside!
Aug 24: These alerts helped many in Concord take shelter before the tornado Mon AM, make sure they're on your phone!
Aug 24: Another dry day in store. Above normal temperatures. Have to watch out for a possible seabreeze on the east coast.
Aug 23: Not quite as chilly tonight as it was last night, but still a great night to have the windows open!
Aug 23: Today is the 230th anniversary of the 1786 Sturbridge tornado. Check out the info we scoured up from the archives!
Aug 23:
Aug 23: Lots of sun today. Seasonable temperatures with very comfortable humidity.
Aug 22: Tropical Storm advisory 2 issued. Tropical depression strengthens into the seventh tropical storm of ...
Aug 22: Not really, but you can just assume it's very, very low.

Updataed: Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:40AM