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Updataed: Fri Jul 03, 2015 08:00PM
13m: Several of Hazecams are showing smoky sky due to fires out west. This shot is from Acadia ME .
2h: How often is National Seashore 'hottest spot' in New England. 81F Chatham 82F Provincetown today (breeze from sw)
3h: Heading out tonight? Picture perfect w/ temps in the Low 70s. High level clouds are increasing from the South:
5h: Forecast guidance has trended drier for the 4th! Still cant rule out a few showers esp across S Coast. Details:
9h: If you're out on the water this weekend remember to wear a LifeJacket while boating!
7h: July 4th a challenge weather wise in recent years, w/ Arthur (2014) & extreme heat (2013). Recap of our climate info
9h: By noon we will have a better idea as to how far north, and for how long the rain will last for Saturday.
10h: Perfect weather for today and Sunday. NWS waiting for new model run wisdom for Saturday. Cross your fingers but, nature has the final say.
13h: Forecast not quite as nice as previous forecast for the 4th. Still uncertainty, but here's how it look at the moment:
Jul 2: Enjoy the holiday weekend! Fri & Sun will be sunny, more clouds & a slight risk of a shower on Sat along S Coast:
Jul 2: Red Sky at night - Sailors Delight!
Jul 2: Boating this evening? Heads up if you will be south of the Cape or around the Islands. Sct showers are possible.
Jul 2: Fun Fact: July 4th 1911 was the hottest day in BOS History since climate records began in 1872. More climate info:
Jul 2: Curious to see how June ranked? No climate site made the top 10 however is was def a cool and wet month.
Jul 2: RT : The jet stream has pushed Canadian wildfire smoke over U.S. East Coast:
Jul 2: A comfortable & mostly sunny day is expected for today. Enjoy!
Jul 2: RT : So Many Fires Are Burning In Alaska & Canada There's Smoke Over TX Via
Jul 2: 3 of the 4 climate sites have yet to reach 90! Most do in June, but it's not unprecedented this late:
Jul 1: Check out a quick outlook into the 4th of July weekend:
Jul 1: Due to severe weather ops, will have limited responses to routine questions. Thx for understanding.

Updataed: Fri Jul 03, 2015 08:00PM