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Updataed: Tue Nov 25, 2014 06:40PM
38m : NOAA Weather Radio transmitters will be offline for 10-15 minutes while we reboot the NWR computer.
1h : [5p] We plan to wait & analyze the 0z forecast guidance, see if the signal continues, and make adjustments accordingly
1h : [5p] We realize the 18z guidance has come in warmer. We don't want to jump on anything too quick. We're going to ride with this forecast.
2h : [5p] Please RT. While warnings/advisories posted, take greater consideration threat timing & impacts on travel
3h : [3p] Winter Weather Warnings extending over much of the Eastern U.S. assoc w/ the
7h : [12p] Latest headlines across the Eastern US & locally over Southern New England
8h : [1045a] 12z GFS / NAM trended a touch quicker w/ a more pronounced dry-slot. Some warm-air at mid-levels, tough forecast from NE CT - NE MA.
8h : [1030a] A warm-air intrusion aloft could result in areas to mix with sleet; again, impacts to snow-totals
8h : [1030a] Latest forecast guidance still making an uneasy forecast. A lot of mixing potential @ the I-95 corridor; impacts to snow-totals
9h : [Technical] Ensemble weighting of possible of precip-type; at Boston, leaning initially rain changing to snow
11h : [8a] Highlights from our latest briefing package. We'll have an afternoon update.
11h : [8a] Latest snowfall forecast. Further updates likely w/ updated forecast guidance. Stay aware.
12h : Winter Storm brings varying impacts to MA/RI & CT w/heavy snow Northwest of I-95, heavy rain & strong winds S.Coast.
24h : [7p] Expansive area of snow anticipated. Expected snow-totals w/ Wed. - Wed. night
Nov 24 : For those asking why such large ranges in probabilistic fcsts, it's due to high uncertainty. Ranges are lower in more confident situations.
Nov 24 : Possible. Still uncertainty w/temps closer to coast which is critical. RT : storm is trending colder. These will increase
Nov 24 : [445p] Winter Storm highlights, including timing and impacts.
Nov 24 : [420p] Wed Travelers: Regional snowfall forecast ending 7 pm Wed - highest in W New Eng. More expected Wed night!
Nov 24 : Here's a mobile-friendly page to access your NWS forecast. Just enter the zip code!
Nov 24 : [405p] Check our Winter Weather Page for the latest snowfall fcst and experimental forecasts: .

Updataed: Tue Nov 25, 2014 06:40PM
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Attached is our briefing package with the latest warnings and advisories with regards to the upcoming #NorEaster.

Our greatest concern continues to be the associated impacts from the storm on the busiest travel day of the year.

Any wintry precipitation, the intensity of which will increase towards the midday into afternoon hours and continue on through the evening, will make for hazardous travel conditions (slippery conditions, significantly reduced visibilities).

Though warnings and advisories have been posted to reflect anticipated snowfall amounts that meet or exceed criteria, it should be taken under greater consideration the timing of such winter weather threats and their impact on travel.

The attached briefing should hopefully provide clarification of those threats.
11 hours ago: [12p] #NorEaster storm track remains around the 40n / 70w benchmark south of Nantucket tracking to the northeast. Some warmer air intruding aloft making for a difficult forecast ranging around a line from NE CT into NE MA. Could see for this area a wintry mix consisting of snow, sleet, maybe even going over to plain rain.

The morning briefing package is below. Help us spread the word and share with your family and friends. Plan any travel you may be doing this early holiday week accordingly.
11 hours ago: Winter Storm to bring a variety of impacts to MA/RI & CT Wed and Wednesday night with heavy snow likely Northwest of I-95, heavy rain and strong winds along the South Coast of MA & RI. Conditions improve Thanksgiving Day.
Yesterday: Spread the word! Share out our initial thoughts on the anticipated #NorEaster!

Monday Afternoon Storm Briefing (445 pm):

Winter Storm Watches have been expanded into southern New Hampshire, interior eastern Massachusetts, and northwest Rhode Island where more than 6 inches of snow is possible (blue in the image below). We are most confident in these higher amounts across southwest New Hampshire and western Massachusetts.

Closer to the coast, there is a lot of uncertainty in snowfall amounts, especially around Boston and Providence. Temperatures should be just above freezing which will prevent some snow from accumulating, but if it turns out to be a little colder, more snow can be expected.

Check out our new Winter Weather Page at this link:

It has our "most likely" snowfall forecast, as well as possible ranges and a table listing for cities and towns throughout the region.

We've also included some highlights for the upcoming storm below. Travel conditions will not be impacted Tuesday or Tuesday night, but will begin to deteriorate on Wednesday as the snow and rain arrives.
Yesterday: Forecasters are busy reviewing the latest data for the mid week storm.

In addition to issuing forecasts, did you know we have other duties to perform before winter storms affect the area? We give briefings to state and local emergency managers, arrange extra staffing to handle the added workload, and coordinate with our Skywarn Amateur Radio partners to have their operations activated at the office. Of course, we also have someone dedicated to social media platforms so we can answer your questions!
Yesterday: A significant winter storm will likely impact southern New England Wed/Wed night. Still an uncertain storm track but confidence is increasing in heavy snow across portions of the interior.
November 23: [Monday Monday Monday!]

Hold onto your hats, don't forget an umbrella, and keep that jacket in the closet.

With winds of at least 50 mph 500 to 1000 feet above the ground, felt it worth it to issue a series of wind-related headlines across the waters and along the south-coast. Can't rule out threats of strong winds elsewhere. The biggest question is whether it'll mix down to the surface. The challenges of forecasting.

Expect widespread rain around Monday morning with embedded heavier showers and even possible thunderstorms, which could drag down some of the fast winds aloft. This added to our reasoning for the multitude of headlines.

Lastly, with high astronomical tides and anticipated winds, a coastal flood advisory has been hoisted for the s-coastline also for around Monday morning.

Otherwise, afterwards, some showers may linger and we could also see some glimpses of sun. Under a mild airmass, high temperatures may reach near 70°F! Wow!

Enjoy it! The weather will change appreciably as we go into Wednesday.
November 23: Confidence continues to increase on a storm impacting the region Wednesday into Wednesday night. Details such as how much rain and/or snow remain very uncertain. However, this storm has the potential to have a significant impact on Holiday travel.

Please like and share with your friends and family, to spread the word.
November 23: Quick moving system brings mix of issues tonight-tomorrow:
November 22: Spread the word.

We continue to monitor for a likely storm which will impact the region Wednesday into Thursday, the height of which will be around midnight Thursday.

Overwhelming uncertainty on specifics lend to a low confidence forecast at this time. We are diagnosing for several potential threats including snows across interior Southern New England, strong winds along the south- and southeast-shoreline, and heavy rain across Southeast New England.

Again, this is preliminary and there is no certainty to the forecast other than the fact that we are expecting a storm to have some sort of influence on the regions weather for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, notably one of the busiest travel days of the year, on into Thanksgiving morning.

We'll continue to make updates as we gain confidence in the forecast and have further details to pass along. Should you have any questions ahead of time, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
November 22: Travel plans on Wednesday? There is the potential for some rain and/or accumulating snow, but only if low pressure tracks close enough to the coast. The low could just as easily pass harmlessly out to sea with little fanfare. Its too early to rule anything in or out.

Please share these two potential scenarios with friends and family, especially those who have Holiday travel plans.
November 22: Will need to monitor for the threat of some light freezing rain mainly for western MA and southwestern NH late tonight. Still some uncertainty given temperatures and the fact that it is a light event.

Stay tuned!
November 21: Fun Fact: 88 inches of snow fell in Cowlesville, NY over a 3 day period from the Lake Effect Snow. If that much snow occurred in Boston, it would rank as the 4th snowiest winter!
November 21: Another cold shot tonight before our warming trend begins. Better bundle up tonight! These temperatures are typical in late December and mid January, not mid November.
November 21: Did you know? The NWS Boston office will have its last SKYWARN class for 2014 this Monday in East Sandwich at 7pm. RSVP is required so check out the following link for more details:
November 21: Record Low High Temperatures will be challenged today, but likely fall short for most. Worcester will be very close!
November 21: Another blustery and cold day today as many struggle to even reach freezing. The cold trend continues overnight tonight as well:
November 20: Prior to our warming trend, below average temperatures make a return for tomorrow.
November 20: Tired of the chilly temperatures? You're in luck, just a few more days of below average temperatures before a warm-up takes hold of the region. Only caveat is that there could be some rain showers on Monday.
November 20: Significant snowfall has impacted the Buffalo, NY region. What if it occurred in Southern New England? Is your car ready for winter? Check out some tips here:
November 20: Experts from the Climate Prediction Center discuss what is in store for the U.S. this winter:
November 20: Taunton's Weather Service Radar will down for maintenance until 5pm today.
November 20: A bit warmer today, but the temperatures near or below freezing return tomorrow:
November 19: Just missed! Not quite cold enough this afternoon to set records. Check out today's highs:
November 19: Check out how low the wind chill values fell early this morning with the cold temperatures and stirring winds.
November 19: Here's a briefing about the lake effect snows from our colleagues in the Northeast River Forecast Center.
November 19: The cold continues today, with the possibility of a few snow/rain showers overnight:
November 18: There is a theme for this evening's postCOLD!! Overnight lows will run anywhere from 12 to 17 degrees below seasonal normals for mid November. Readings will be mainly in the teens, which is LOWER than the coldest average lows in mid to late January, our coldest time of the year!

West winds will continue to stir through the night, gusting up to 20 to 25 mph. Wind chill readings will drop to the single digits away from the coast by early morning. BUNDLE UP if venturing out of doors tonight!!! Wear loose fitting, warm, lightweight clothing in layers, plus mittens and a hat.
November 18: It has been a cold, blustery day across the region today. West winds have been rather gusty. Check out the peak wind gusts through early this afternoon:
November 18: The earlier you wake up, the warmer it will be today. Temperatures are on the decline, and gusty winds are expected. Here's a look at the temperatures, winds and wind chills through tonight: