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Updataed: Sun Apr 26, 2015 03:20PM
3h : Stepped outside to look at the clouds. Was surpised at how high the sun angle is now. 61.2 at the NWS office. far cry from 24.6 on Dec 21st.
5h : RT : Learning about the from could help save a life:
10h : Good Morning Twitter! Better work on outdoor activities this morning as showers will develop this afternoon:
17h : MT : The U.S. hot spot today was 96F at Brownsville, TX.
23h : Frost advisories are in effect for tonight! Cover your plants or bring them back indoors!
24h : MT : Dark shadow on horizon caught my attention, looks like ash cloud of volcano in .
Apr 25 : Except for the highest elevations most snow is gone across S NE. However N VT is holding on to winter. Check it out
Apr 25 : Low temp across SE this morning was 25 in N Ashuburham. Many inland spots were 32 or less. Normal lows in late April are now around 42.
Apr 25 : Good Morning southern New England! Quiet start this AM with clouds building in throughout the day.
Apr 25 : After a chilly start, a little more sunshine today will boost max temperatures slightly higher than Friday.
Apr 24 : Neat! RT : It is sunny 20,000 ft above your office.
Apr 24 : Freeze warning in effect for N CT & NW RI till 8 am Saturday; chilly tonight, don't forget a jacket
Apr 24 : Not a 70° or 80° day in sight for ; chilly wx w/ shower chances, esp into early next week :-(
Apr 24 : Temps aloft just below freezing (in blues per GFS); surface temps kept slightly below-normal into next week
Apr 24 : Little change. Cool showery wx forecast into early next week; low pressure aloft (blues) per GFS
Apr 24 : Less upward forcing thru the atmos, but still expecting light showery activity into afternoon
Apr 24 : For Hartford/Windsor Locks CT since 1905 there have been 18 dates of measureable snow after April 15, and at least 53 dates with a Trace.
Apr 24 : For Providence/Warwick... Since 1905 there are 16 dates with measureable snow and 51 dates with a Trace.
Apr 24 : Snow after Apr 15? It happens in Boston. There are 24 dates since 1891 with measureable snow Apr 16 to June 30. At least 50 with a Trace.
Apr 24 : Feels more like winter than spring w/ snow flurries this AM & temps well below avg. Expect some improvements on Sat:

Updataed: Sun Apr 26, 2015 03:20PM