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Updataed: Wed Jul 30, 2014 03:30PM
59m : Now in , you can export data like this weekly Sea Surface Temp to .
3h : Weekend rain perhaps a big help for SE New England as precip departures avg 2-4" below-normal over the last 60-days:
3h : RT : What happened on the seacoast?! Fog has invaded Rye & Hampton Beaches
4h : July Avg Temp @ 1° above normal? Yep, combination of some +90° days & warm overnight temps outdid periods of cool/dry wx.
4h : Tough forecast for this weekend. Does a heavy rain threat move in Saturday, or hold off till Sunday? Tricky setup.
4h : Monitoring for some coastal fog for Ipswich Bay w/ onshore flow. Low vsbys possible on the adjacent beaches.
4h : Continued cool-summer trends into early Aug for the Central/S-Plains. Looking seasonable for New England.
9h : Another beautiful day today with showers & thunderstorms possible Thursday.
18h : Weekend Outlook: While our confidence remains low, there is potential for a period of heavy rainfall sometime this weekend.
23h : Clearing skies this evening, overnight lows a few degrees below normal. Tranquil weather for Wed.
Jul 29 : Get interactive & check out the storm reports for Sunday, July 28th:
Jul 29 : Tropical disturbance 1600 mi east of the southern Windward Islands becoming better organized. GOES East. 7:45 am EDT.
Jul 29 : Not a lot of cases, but still, a good resource per evaluating 1962-2011 tornado climatology for SNE
Jul 29 : Mainly dry and tranquil weather Today and Wednesday. Highs mainly in the 70s to near 80, along with low humidity.
Jul 28 : MT : Photos have been posted from the wind damage that occurred in Topsfield, MA yesterday.
Jul 28 : MT : 9 additional photos have been posted from the Revere MA Tornado.
Jul 28 : MT : 13 photos posted on the Needham Thunderstorm Wind Damage that occurred this morning.
Jul 28 : The threat for severe weather has come to an end tonight! Just a few spot showers are possible overnight.
Jul 28 : Winding down ops as storms gradually conclude. Appreciate everyone's help in relaying info & getting reports back to us!
Jul 28 : [6:30 pm] Areas E of the I-91 still under the threat of strong to damaging thunderstorms; be aware & stay safe.

Updataed: Wed Jul 23, 2014 05:15PM
38 minutes ago: 430 pm Wed Update:

Storms continue to head east from New York State and northern New England. They should arrive in western New England around 6 pm, then may make it as far east as Hartford, Worcester, and Nashua around 8 pm.

Head indoors when storms approach! In addition to damaging winds and hail, the storms have been producing frequent lightning!
about an hour ago: Severe weather operations are underway!

We're monitoring the storms heading through northern New England and central New York, which will reach southwest New Hampshire, western Massachusetts, & northwest Connecticut after 5 pm. Some of these storms may produce damaging winds & hail.

Storms may threaten central and eastern Massachusetts, the rest of northern Connecticut, and Rhode Island after 7 or 8 pm but the severe weather threat is more limited.

Stay up to date on the weather, and remember to head indoors if thunderstorms approach!
2 hours ago: Here's more information on the severe weather potential later this afternoon and early tonight.
2 hours ago: Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for northern & western New England until 10 pm EDT.

Potential for damaging winds as the line of storms heads east.
3 hours ago: Heads up! Storms are starting to develop across northern New England.

5 hours ago: Are you ready for the "Late Show?"

It looks like thunderstorms will develop a bit later than what we usually see during the summer, more like after 4 or 5 pm in western New England, and later than that farther to the east.

The images below are from a high-resolution computer model and show what the radar might look like later this afternoon and early tonight. While the timing is probably off by a couple of hours, it shows most of the activity holding off until this evening.

It would be a good idea to stay updated on the weather today, especially if you are in western and northern New England where the potential for severe thunderstorms is highest.
7 hours ago: Since there is a potential for strong to severe thunderstorms late this afternoon and into this evening, it's a good time to review the criteria that makes a storm "Severe". Check it out and pass it along.

It is also a good time to have back-up plans in case you are planning on being outdoors today especially across southern NH, northern CT, and across western and central MA. Remember when thunder roars, go indoors.
12 hours ago: Today will be another day that proves this is summer. As is shown in the image, we are expecting maximum afternoon temperatures in the mid 80s to lower 90sexcept a little cooler near the water such as on Cape Cod. The humidity will be quite noticeable with dew points in the mid 60s to lower 70s. Dew points in the 70s are associated with oppressive humidity. Find ways to stay cool today.

An approaching cold front will set off showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. These showers and storms could produce strong wind gusts and heavy downpours.
Yesterday: Latest thoughts on potentially strong to severe thunderstorms late Wednesday afternoon and evening to the northwest of I-95. Please share with your friends and family.
Yesterday: A few severe thunderstorms possible late Wednesday afternoon and evening to the Northwest of I-95. Highest risk in Northwest MA and Southern NH. Heavy rain and a very localized flash flood threat is also possible.
Yesterday: A very warm day in progress with afternoon high temps expected to top out between 85 and 90, except cooler on the immediate coast. Dry weather continues except for a very low risk of a spot shower/thunderstorms late this afternoon across interior Southern New England.
Yesterday: Anyone remember what they were doing 3 years ago today? Hopefully the day was spent inside or at the beach. Hartford, Boston and Providence all exceeded 100 degrees. Hartford set their all time record of high 103 degrees. Boston also hit 103 degrees, falling one degree short of their all time record high of 104, set way back in 1911.
Yesterday: A line of thunderstorms moved across North Dakota and Minnesota last night. There were several reports of downed trees, and one report of 2-inch diameter hail.

The cold front that caused this weather will move across the Great Lakes today and swing across Southern New England Wednesday night. This will bring us showers and thunderstorms. Some of the thunderstorms may produce strong wind gusts as well as heavy downpours.

Here is an image from the Duluth Minnesota radar from early this morning. It shows the line of thunderstorms that caused the damaging weather moving east into Upper Michigan and Wisconsin.
July 21: We are expecting active weather to return by Wednesday night. Here is a glimpse into the forecast for the next few days.
July 21: Although temperatures may still be a bit below normal today, they will increase tomorrow and again on Wednesday. The humidity climbs as well:
July 20: The showers across SE MA and E RI are likely to linger much of the night. Rainfall rates are light, but due to their slow movement a quarter inch or more of total rainfall is possible:
July 20: [9 am] MORNING UPDATE:

Analysis shows a stalled frontal boundary south of our region becoming the focus for continued showery weather across southern and eastern portions of New England much of today.

Drier air within the low-levels may hamper rain from reaching the surface (note the separation of the red [temperature] and green [dewpoint] line within the observed sounding over Chatham this morning).

Otherwise mostly cloudy conditions will make for a cool day, more so along the east-facing shorelines with a brisk onshore wind.
July 20: A few showers this morning, some early day cloud cover, and winds off the ocean will lead to another day where highs remain below normal:
July 19: Some sprinkles will be possible tonight and Sunday along southeast MA and RI, with brief showers possible on the Cape and Islands. Otherwise partly cloudy skies are expected over the interior tonight and Sunday, with mostly cloudy skies closer to the coast.
July 19: Low humidity remains a constant for the weekend. However temperatures will be a bit warmer today, with more sunshine:
July 18: Weather for the weekend looks great. Just beware for the potential of a shower across the Cape and the Islands on Sunday.
July 18: A gorgeous day out there across Southern New England. How are you enjoying it? Feel free to share your pictures with us.
July 18: If a hurricane or tropical storm should threaten your area, would you know what to do? Contact your local emergency management office and find out if you live in an evacuation zone and what your evacuation route is. For tips and information visit:

You can make a difference and inspire others to action. Pledge to be prepared for disasters and let your Facebook friends know!
July 18: Another pleasant day with temperatures around 80 and low humidity. A bit cooler near the coast thanks to sea breezes:
July 17: Skipping work and heading to the Beach tomorrw? Perfect Weather conditions are anticipated with high temps in the upper 70s to low 80s and sunny skies.

Just be aware that there is a moderate threat of rip currents.

For more details on rip currents check out the following link:
July 17: Record cold overnight? Not quite but still comfortable. Enjoy!
July 17: At 10am, Ferry Captains on Buzzards Bay, Vineyard & Nantucket Sounds reported N winds 5-10 KT, seas 1-2 FT and VSBY 10 miles in haze.
July 17: Hurricanes aren't just powerful gusts of wind – they can produce dangerous amounts of rain & flooding, too. Learn how to protect your family, home, or business from all the potential effects of hurricanes at

Did you know: Most hurricane deaths and damages aren't because of winds – they happen because of flooding. Visit to find out if you live in a flood-prone area and how flood insurance can lessen the financial impact of a flood.

Remember, Turn around, Don’t drown; A mere six inches of fast-moving flood water can knock over an adult. It only takes two feet of rushing water to carry away most vehicles including pickups and SUV’s
July 17: The totals are in. Many locations saw 2+ inches of rain over the last few days, some saw 3-5 inches.

For many, the majority of this rain fell during a thunderstorm or heavy shower, in the span of only an hour to two hours:
July 16: The last of the showers will move off the east coast this evening, but linger across Cape Cod and the Islands through about midnight. Otherwise, we will see improving conditions with cooler, drier air working in. Here are the details:
July 16: Both Flash Flood Warnings for northeastern Massachusetts have been cancelled.
July 16: Correction: The Flash Flood Watch HAS been cancelled for Rhode Island, BUT REMAINS IN EFFECT for eastern Massachusetts until 8 PM. Apologize for the confusion.
July 16: Another Flash Flood Warning in effect until 545 PM.
July 16: Here is the mid afternoon update: FLASH FLOOD WARNING!
July 16: Flash Flood Warning in effect until 530 PM.
July 16: A line of locally heavy showers redeveloping just outside the Route 128 belt north and west of Boston down to the Rhode Island border at 145 PM. The ASOS at KBED (Hanscom Field) reported 0.69 inches in the last 30 minutes. May even have a rumble of thunder or two.
July 16: At 11 AM, NWS Taunton reported a total of 0.57 inches of rain from Tuesday into Wednesday morning. Taunton Airport (KTAN), 8 miles SE of KBOX, has reported 1.96 inches. That's the type of differences we can see during the summer with localized heavier rainfall.
July 16: The Flash Flood Watch has been cancelled for central and western areas of southern New England as well as Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in N.H. The heaviest rainfall has shifted east, and drier air is working in.
July 16: The flash flood warning has been extended for Plymouth and eastern Bristol counties in Mass. and Newport county R.I. until 230 PM.
July 16: Heavy rainfall continues through midday across eastern Mass. and R.I. Here is the mid morning radar, along with the heavier rain that has been reported:
July 16: Two easy ways to get your yard or property ready for hurricane season:
1. Have a plan for bringing in all outdoor furniture & securing anything else that isn't tied down, should a storm threaten the area

2. Trim the trees and shrubs around your home. High winds can turn branches into projectiles during a storm

Find more safety tips at and share these tips with your Facebook friends!
July 16: We extended Flash Flood Warning to northern Bristol Cty and western Plymouth Cty based on radar trends and NWS employee report.
July 16: The threat for flash flooding continues today, with some heavy showers and thunderstorms possible. Some areas saw as much as 3+ inches of rain in a short time last evening. This threat will continue through the day today.

Here's the morning outlook: