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Updataed: Thu Mar 05, 2015 07:20AM
2h : Sharp cutoff of snow expected with today's system. Accumulations confined to portions of CT, RI, and southeast MA.
14h : RyanShampWX problem is first few hours of precip falls as rain & then sharp cutoff on northern periphery of snow shield.
14h : [5pm] Tricky forecast later tonight/Thu. How quickly does rain change to then duration & intensity of snow?
16h : mike61400 Tricky 4cast. 15z SREF snow probs support 12z NAM & ARW. 70% for 4" Islands down to 45% at PVD! Progressive & ptype issues at 1st.
19h : [1230] Recent forecast trends suggest slightly less later tonight & Thu: 4-7" Islands, 2-4" South Coast & 1-2" northward to I-90.
19h : [1230pm] New forecast guidance continues theme of VERY sharp gradient along the South Coast = big forecast bust potential.
19h : MT : DYK coastal areas have 2 low tides and 2 high tides every day? Thank the moon
20h : [11am] The previous record for regarding most consecutive days of sub 40 deg temps was 35 days back in 1985. The normal high is 42.
20h : [11am] 42 degs at 's Logan airport at 11 am! This is the first 40 deg temp since Jan 19th This 43 day stretch is a new record!
22h : If Boston hits 40 today, it will be the 1st time since Jan. 19th. That's 43 days and the longest consecutive stretch of sub 40 temps.
22h : [Boston snow record] Only needs 1.9" for snowiest winter on record. Latest data indicates they probably fall short tonight/Thursday.
23h : [805 am] Temps in the middle to upper 30s with just some rain showers South of the MA Turnpike early this am.
Mar 4 : More snow is expected late tonight/Thu, mainly South of the MA Turnpike. Attached is our latest briefing package.
Mar 4 : While air temps (& car temps) are above freezing, cold ground could still result in slick spots. Use caution when driving!
Mar 3 : For those still awake...precip has changed to rain everywhere with temps soaring into the mid to upper 30s.
Mar 3 : [Boston's Snow Record] Boston received 1.6" as of midnight. This brings the total to 105.7", 1.9" short of
Mar 3 : Thank you for all the reports!
Mar 3 : [1030pm] Updated observed totals. A couple of 4.0" - 4.5" amounts in !
Mar 3 : [Boston's Snow Record] Next observed snowfall measurement from Logan Airport will be shortly after midnight. 3.6" needed to BREAK the record
Mar 3 : Thanks Fred! MT : 2" in Bristol, at 945 pm. Still all snow.

Updataed: Thu Mar 05, 2015 07:20AM