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FLOOD WATCH: Minor to locally moderate flooding possible due to snowmelt, rainfall, and record warm temperatures

Temperatures well above seasonal averages will continue to contribute to snowmelt across the North Country. Temperatures will reach the upper 50s to mid 60s in many areas on Saturday. A cold front moving in late in the day will result in a half inch to one inch of rainfall. The most significant threat of flooding will occur late Saturday and Saturday night. Read More >

Flood Safety Awareness Week
March 13 through 19, 2016

Flooding is the greatest natural hazard in the North Country. The National Weather Service, along with emergency management agencies in Vermont and New York have declared March 13 through 19, 2016, National Flood Safety Awareness Week. Each year, the National Weather Service holds Flood Safety Awareness Week in order to increase public awareness of the dangers posed by flooding. Citizens of the North Country are encouraged to take time during this week to review flood threats and flood safety practices. A different educational topic will be featured each day during the week.


Damaged Road
turn around don't drown sign
Wednesday: Flooding and Related Phenomena

Tropical Cyclone Inland Flooding Hurricane Bob approaches Atlantic Coast

Snowmelt Flooding
Ridley Brook

Ice Jams

River covered in ice

house with flood damage and debris