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Weather Observer Needed!

The National Weather Service office in Buffalo NY is looking for a volunteer weather observer, to take over the observing station in or near Perry NY. This observing station would be a part of the National Weather Service Cooperative Observer Network or Coop Network. The Coop Network comprises nearly 10,000 volunteer weather observers Nationwide that report rainfall, snowfall and snow depth to the National Weather Service on a daily basis. The data from Coop Observers helps scientists to define the long term climate of the United States.

Observers would take daily measurements precipitation, snowfall and snow depth, each morning around 7 am. These measurements would be relayed daily to the National Weather Service, either via the Internet or a toll-free phone number. These weather observations will archived and use by future climate and research studies.

You will be provided with a rain gage and a snow measuring stick.

Your observations will assist the National Weather Service in its forecast and warning efforts, climatologists with defining the climate of the United States and will help to predict drought conditions, agricultural planning and assessment, and more.

If you are interested in helping us out, or have any questions about the duties of a Coop Observer, please contact us at the address below, or you may call us at 716-565-0204, or send an email to

National Weather Service
587 Aero Dr
Buffalo, NY 14225