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National Hurricane Center Products

NHC Wind Speed Probabilities

Wind Speed Probabilities

Probabilities of sustained tropical storm force (39+ mph), storm force (58+ mph) and hurricane force (74+ mph) winds

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NHC Track Forecast Graphic

Track Forecast Cone

Likely track of the center of the storm

NOTE: Impacts can occur outside the cone so don't focus on the exact track!

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NHC Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map

Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map

Always represents a reasonable worst-case scenario - what people should prepare for  (i.e., depths of inundation which have just a 10% chance of being exceeded)

NOTE: Image is an example only - click image for the latest map!

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Satellite Imagery of the Tropical Atlantic

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery of the tropical regions (Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico)

Visible | Infrared | Water Vapor


Threats and Potential Impacts

NOTE: Provides information on what you should prepare for regarding winds, storm surge, flooding rain and tornadoes; only available when Tropical Storm, Hurricane and/or Storm Surge Watches/Warnings are in effect for southeast SC/GA

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Storm Surge

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Flooding Rain

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Additional Forecast Information (Wind, Rain, Tides, etc.)

Preparedness/Safety Information