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Hurricane Maria Forecast To Bring Impacts To East Coast

Hurricane Maria will approach the Mid-Atlantic coast early this week then finally shove eastward into the open Atlantic. Maria will likely not make landfall but will come close to portions of North Carolina midweek and could bring tropical storm force winds, locally heavy rain, storm surge, and very rough surf. Maria will create hazardous surf and rip currents for much of the East Coast this week. Read More >

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National NOAA Weather Radio Page

NOAA Weather Radios are specially built receivers that broadcasts only National Weather Service forecasts and information...24 hours a day...all year long.

Radios that receive our broadcasts are available at a variety of electronics stores. Some of these radios can be set to sound an alarm tone when a warning is issued for your area! Police scanners can tune to the weather radio frequencies as well.

The radio tone-alerting feature is tested each Wednesday morning (usually between 11am and Noon), unless there is Severe Weather Occurring or Immenent, in which case, the tests will be postponed to the first available fair weather day.

Reporting a Transmitter Problem

Newer radios can be programmed to alert you only when you wish to be alerted. This technology uses individual Federal Information Processing System codes (FIPs Codes) to discern when to sound the alert tone. The Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME ) system has been in use by the National Weather Service to alert emergency officials and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for over five years.
A National Web Page will show you the FIPs Codes for all of PA. There is also a toll-free number you can call to get this same information. It is : 1-888-NWR-SAME (1-888-697-7263).
Tropical System Bounding Box image

Tropical System
Bounding Box

The red box approximates the area where the center of a tropical cyclone must be located for the information to be played on the NOAA Weather Radios broadcast from our local office. The latitude and longitude pairs of the corners of the box are:

43N 91W,

43N 70W,

25N 70W, and

25N 90W.