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Scattered strong to severe storms across portions of the central Plains and middle Mississippi Valley into the middle Ohio Valley

Severe thunderstorms that can produce strong wind gusts, hail, and tornadoes are possible this afternoon in to the evening from the Central Plains to the Ohio Valley. Heavy rains are possible over the Central Plain and the Middle Mississippi Valley Read More >

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Recent Snowfall


Public Report Maps
When we obtain reports from across the region - whether from spotters, the general public, or solicited information from people like PennDOT or Emergency Personnel - we quality-check the data.  We then try to issue Public Information Statements that summarize this information.
Snowfall Map across the region.


Co-Op Station Observations
  Once per day (usually around 7 am) more than 100 people across Central Pennsylvania send the NWS an observation covering the past 24 hours.  Most report rain and snow totals.  See More NWS Co-Operative Observation Maps here.

Snowfall from previous 24 hours

Seasonal Totals


Satellite Estimates
Check out the latest Satellite-based snow depth map centered over the region. (Link to an interactive map)


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