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The National Weather Service (NWS) provides alert and warning information through official dissemination sources, including NOAA Weather Radio, NOAA Weather Wire Service, and to the public, and the iNWS service for core partners (emergency management community, government partners of an NWS office, or members fo the electronic media who need direct interaction with NWS).  The National Weather Service does not provide direct email/SMS alerts to the general public.  For hurricane-specific information, see Hurricane Information .  For tsunami-specific information, see Tsunami Information.

Third party sources that deliver email and SMS weather alerts are listed below.  This list contains the providers/services that we know.  If you are a provider of a weather alerting service and want your service added to the list below, please contact  Note:  This email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed in the table below.  Information presented in the table is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

NOTE:  Unless otherwise indicated, all links below take you outside this federal government website.  You way wish to review the privacy notices on these sites as their practices may differ from ours.



General Information Access
ACEMWIN-HURR-L Hurricane Bulletins Listgroup

Alachua County Skywarn maintains a listserv to provide email alerts of hurricane/tropical storm information for the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico regions. Information is generated at the National Hurricane Center.




AccuWeather provides free email forecast and severe weather alerts.

E-mail, text
Alabama SAF-T-Net

Alabama SAF-T-Net is a free, personalized severe weather alerting service, available via SMS and Email within Alabama as well as via Smartphone App nationwide.  It was initiated at the request of Alabama governor Robert Bentley following the April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak.   It currently has over 300,000 subscribers and continues to grow, all completely without charge to the user.

E-mail, text, phone


Alachua County EMWIN Project 

The Alachua County EMWIN Project provides free weather bulletins to your e-mail, pager, or cellphone - as a public service to the local Alachua County and surrounding North Central Florida communities.

E-mail, text



ALERT FM is an aggregator of State and Local emergency information with multiple contact paths for mass notification. Emergency information is delivered via the data subcarrier of existing FM radio stations, SMS (text) and email. This personal alert and messaging system allows emergency management officials to create and send digital alerts and messages to recipients such as first responders, school officials, businesses, and citizens based on geographic or organizational groupings. Such alerts and messages might include NOAA weather warnings, evacuation instructions, homeland security notices, Amber Alerts, or school closings.

E-mail and commercial receivers

Buy receiver

AnythingWeather Communications

AnythingWeather provides severe weather alerting services, via email or mobile phone, of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, lightning, winter storms, and even specific weather variables like extreme heat or cold or maximum wind gusts. Alerts are based on NWS issued watches and warnings well as Real-Time lightning notifications.

E-mail, text



AudioNow™ lets broadcasters reach over 300 million cell phone users at no incremental cost through our proprietary patent pending technology.  Users can now listen to your broadcasts on any phone. No expensive phones or data plans necessary!”  AudioNow provides mobile streaming to any mobile device.

Listeners can access the latest local National Weather Service forecast by calling any of the numbers below.  This is a beta service which is only provided in the Washington DC metro area at this time. 

Washington, DC area - 202-349-0185Manassas, VA area - 703-652-1210Baltimore, MD - 410-500-4450Fredericksburg, VA area - 540-322-4035

E-mail and telephone
(broadcaster pays for service)


Receive Public Advisories from the National Hurricane Center as they are issued, PLUS detailed maps of the forecast track, wind bands and wind field for each named storm.  Choose to receive alerts from one or more of 5 regions in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico.



Call Loop

Call Loop - makes it easy for schools, organizations, and local government agencies to send emergency alerts via mass text messages and audio voice broadcasts. Lets users sign up to receive local weather alerts and updates sent directly to their mobile phone. Weather Alerts - Just text in WEATHER to 38470. Source of data--NWS.

Mobile device

Free to receive text alerts

Chicago Weather Center

Chicago Weather Center provides a website to stay up to date on weather information and the latest severe weather alerts.  You may also opt-in for weather alerts from their weather app.  The app for iPhone is available at -  .  The app for Android phones is available at - . 



CodeRED Mobile Alert app

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is a service of Emergency Communications Network, the nation’s leading provider of high-speed emergency and mass notification messaging services. The app provides users local alerts initiated by authorized public safety officials who use the CodeRED community notification system, as well as dozens of customizable location-based severe weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service. Users may select the types of warnings they would like to receive and set a personal warning radius. Users may view the exact location of the alert using an interactive map as well as alert details.




Deaf & Hard of Hearing Weather Radio Systems focuses on weather radio products and specializes in weather alert accessories for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals including wireless transmitters/receivers, pillow vibrators and strobe lights. 




DialMyCalls is a completely web-based system that sends emergency weather alerts via phone call, text message, and email.   Weather data is pulled from the NWS & DialMyCalls is also is an integration partner with IPAWS/ FEMA warning system.  Account can also be accessed from any computer with internet access.  Also offers iPhone/Android apps as well as a toll-free number to dial into to send broadcasts in times where power may be out, or are on the road.




Disaster Alert by Pacific Disaster Center

Disaster Alert is a mobile multi-hazard monitoring application created for iOS and Android™ users. By accessing the DisasterAWARE platform, it provides users with near real-time access to data on active hazards globally—showing events that are designated potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets.

Mobile app


Early Alert

Our professional Emergency Management team, together with our Meteorology (MET) team, have designed a suite of electronic reports which can be deployed to your management personnel, emergency management teams, and staff at all levels to notify them of impending, hazardous events, natural or man-made. Real-time weather and other extreme hazard alerts via email, text message, IM, voice, or website posting, to include individuals and/or groups.  Click here to sign up for email tropical cyclone bulletins:

Email and mobile device

Free and Premium fee base

Emergency Email

FREE Emergency Notification of Breaking Weather Alerts Health, Homeland & Cyber Info sent to your email & wireless device.

E-mail and mobile device

FEMA’s CMAS/Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

Free alerts to all mobile devices for most urgent threats (including weather)

Cell alert message

FEMA's Mobile App

The FEMA app is your one-stop-shop with tools and tips to keep you safe before, during, and after disasters.  The app enables users to receive weather alerts from the National Weather Service for up to five locations across the nation. Additional features -- Safety Tips, Disaster Reporter, Maps of Disaster Resources, Apply for Assistance, and Information in Spanish.

Mobile alerts


FirstCall Alerts App

FirstCall is a leading emergency notification system for over 17 years.   Our ALERT APP allows people on the move to receive potential life-saving emergency notifications and weather alerts on their iOS devices based on their current location anywhere.  The power of the National Weather Service warnings are captured on your device and provides unlimited access to weather warnings instantly along with your location in relation to the event.  Our automated weather alerts from NOAA as well as our app download are completely free to the public.  For more information go to   Download our app by clicking the link:

Mobile Alerts


FTPMAIL from National Weather Service  (This is a link to a National Weather Service webpage)

This National Weather Service (NWS) FTPMAIL server is intended to allow Internet access for users who do not have direct access to the World Wide Web but who are equipped with an e-mail system. The service is free and no signup is required. Using FTPMAIL, users can request files from NWS and have them automatically e-mailed back to them. Note: This service does not provide automated alerts--user request is required to receive products.





HailStrike provides hail, wind and tornado email and sms alerts for its clients and allows them a high level of customization on areas they wish to receive alerts for.

text, email

Free / $

Designed, managed, and run by meteorologists, delivers real-time severe weather and emergency alerts by text message and email for any U.S. City for free.


ifWeather lets you create custom weather alerts. It is the best place to manage many custom weather alerts when the chief concern is precipitation or temperature. Other services have the severe weather alerts covered, but for people most concerned with knowing when there's a x% chance of rain/sleet/snow, or if a specific temperature threshold will be hit, is the way to go. can notify people via email, SMS, and twitter.

email, SMS, Twitter


iMAP WeatherRadio

WDT’s iMap services provide dynamic interactive and mobile weather mapping solutions for the world's leading local media and Internet companies. WDT is a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather detection, nowcasting, and forecasting systems.

Mobile alerts  (iPod & iPad)

Weather alerts on the desktop. (Intellicast is part of the Weather Channel Group)


Mobile Phone Apps

Weather apps in iPhone store: ~250
Weather apps in Android store:  ~600

Free / $


MyWARN is a simple, easy to use service that uses location services to notify user about severe weather watches and warnings when they are inside a storm based warning or county watch. 

Mobile devices

News media and local government

Many news media outlets and local government offer free email or text alerting that you can sign up for. For example, most major TV news stations and newspapers in DC area provide a free service for text/email weather alerts.

Text, e-mail


The Ping4alerts! app helps you stay in touch with your local world by sending you alerts based on your location and selected preferences. Get public safety and local event information wherever you go, including National Weather Service and NOAA alerts.

You will only get the alert if you are inside the very precise area drawn by the NOAA.  We won't bother you if you aren't in the NOAA event area.

Mobile alerts


Let Emergency Alert services turn your cell phone into something more useful. Receive timely and perhaps life saving weather related watches and warnings on your cellphone, Blackberry or in your regular email. offers subscription based alerts sent to your regular email inbox or text ready cell phone or pager.

Email, text

The New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management provides NH Alerts, a high-speed emergency notification system designed to keep residents and visitors informed of emergencies and other time-sensitive information. The NH Alerts mobile application delivers emergency and community messages, as well as severe weather warnings to app users within the exact location of the alert using sophisticated GPS targeting.


Telephone, text, email, app



RogTNWeather provides current conditions and severe weather alerts for Hawkins County in Tennessee, straight from the National Weather Service.  For the Twitter feed, see .  For website, see

Twitter, website



Saildocs is an email-based document-retrieval system for the delivery of text-based Internet documents either on request or by subscription. Saildocs can deliver web pages (including text weather forecasts, and provides subscriptions for automatic delivery.  Saildocs offers text-based document retrieval and subscription services for offshore sailors, adventurers, missionaries and others who must somehow live their lives without 56k-baud modems or DSL connections. There are currently two services offered, a document retrieval service which will return documents from the Internet or our own files, and a subscription service which will send Internet documents (for example weather reports) at scheduled intervals.   



Simple Weather Alert

Weather alerts for Twitter and more.  Public Twitter accounts are free for personal use.  Custom Twitter accounts created for a fee. Alert messages are formatted for easy reading on mobile devices.  See samples here:  .  Tweets can be configured to be sent to SMS.  Alerts can be displayed on your website using Twitter widgets.  Custom alert delivery systems available.  

Twitter / SMS / Mobile web / Custom
SMS Tsunami Warning

Free email and SMS alerts

Email, SMS/text

Storm Shield Severe Weather App

The Storm Shield Severe Weather App turns your iPhone or Android into an emergency weather radio. Get storm-based alerts for life-threatening weather events via voice and push notifications. Users can program the app to receive alerts for up to five locations. 

Text and audio alerts

StormWatch+ provides push notifications for a variety of weather hazards to your iPhone/iPad. Combining storm-based warnings issued by the NWS and your precise GPS-derived location, StormWatch+ will send instant alerts of impending hazardous weather, but only if the locations you define are directly threatened. StormWatch+ alerts can be customized by the user and include "wake-me-up" audio for the most severe storms. Local forecast, radar, and severe weather safety tips provided free of charge. 

Mobile alerts (iOS)


Stormwater Forecast

Stormwater Forecast - Site-specific forecasts for stormwater professionals.  This service provides automated notification of US National Weather Service forecasts supporting rain event action plans, flow monitoring and stormwater sampling schedules, staffing decisions, construction management and asset protection. Automated email alerts are provided.

Email, computer


Syneren Technologies Mobile Alert Application 

Syneren Technologies has developed a scalable and customizable, crisis and incident management web-based software and mobile alert application called ITUS. The ITUS technology streamlines communication and provides real-time visibility between mobile users and Rescue Teams via a free mobile application available for download now on Google Play and Rescue centers using web-based hub (request a demonstration today at  Other features of the tool include real-time weather alesrts via SMS and Email and maps; user-friendly weather shelter updates and creation; scheduling features for better Rescue Team coordination; and live updates to users that “help is on the way.”

Mobile app



Thunder Eagle® designs and manufactures state-of-the-art weather radio and communications systems to receive weather alerts and live weather information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) System.

Computer and e-mail

Buy receiver or software

Tornado by American Red Cross

Provides alerts of NWS Tornado watches/warnings and severe thunderstorm watches/warnings.  Educates the user about severe weather safety.

text and audio alerts/ free
Tsunami Alarm System

In case of a Tsunami risk, all registered users will receive information about the region, risk level, affected areas, measures to be taken and all-clear signals.

SMS/text to mobile phone


Personally monitor NWS Twitter messages (e.g., @NHC_Atlantic and @NHC_Pacific for hurricane information; @NWS_WCATWC  for tsunami information) or use a commercial service for monitoring NWS Twitter activity. See for instructions on how to turn on SMS notifications of Twitter posts.

@weatherwatches - a non-NWS Twitter feed providing NWS watches, as well as information on possible upcoming watches and probability of watches as derived from NWS Storm Prediction Center Mesoscale Discussions - This feed is free to the public.


self-monitoring - free

commercial service-variable $

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign email Listserv

This Listserv lets you subscribe to receive automated emails with Storm Prediction Center severe weather products or National Hurricane Center products for either the Atlantic/Caribbean or Pacific basin hurricanes.

** To subscribe for SPC products using a web interface:

WX-STORM - SPC products concerning severe weather

** To subscribe for NHC  hurricane products using a web interface:

WX-ATLAN - NHC Atlantic and Gulf/Caribbean Tropical Storm and Hurricane Weather Products

WX-TROPL - Hurricane products for Pacific Basin/rest of globe

** To subscribe for NHC hurricane products using email:

WX-ATLAN - NHC Atlantic and Gulf/Caribbean Tropical Storm and Hurricane Weather Products

WX-TROPL - Hurricane products for Pacific Basin/rest of globe



Weather Predator

Weather Predator provides free SMS and email alerts for the Quad State (covering 58 counties) in SE Missouri, S.Illinois, W.Kentucky, and SW Indiana.  Sign up for the service at

Email, SMS/text

WeatherBug offers a free desktop application showing live local current conditions and severe weather alerts right in their system tray.

Computer and e-mail

WeatherCall delivers site-specific, rapid notifications of official National Weather Service severe weather warnings to any type of phone, SMS text, or email address, 24 hours a day.

Email, text, phone call
$ provides National Weather Service severe weather alerts (warnings for tornados, flood, and thunderstorms) to users by text message or email.

Email, text


The Weather Channel

Email alerts are free. Although The Weather Channel does not charge for text message alerts, message and data rates may apply from your mobile phone company.

Free mobile and e-mail alerts at and

Free desktop alerts at and

E-mail and mobile device

Weather H.E.A.D

LRK Technologies LLC has produced the Weather H.E.A.D emergency alert and display system. Weather H.E.A.D is a compact transportable computer that gathers critical weather information from the National Weather Service web servers. It sends the information in a simple format to a High Definition display and e-mail alerts allowing you to assess the situation before it impacts your area.  There is a fee to purchase the unit, but no recurring charges.


$ for unit

Weather HD

Weather HD is a mobile app that sends Alert Push Notifications to your iPhone/iPad/Mac device. A free version is available.

iPhone, iPad
Free and $
Weather Underground

Streaming NWR Audio at  Various weather related applications at .


Weather USA

WeatherUSA provides a free, real-time weather alert service which sends out weather warnings, watches, and hurricane information as soon as they are issued by federal agencies (such as the National Weather Service). Alerts are sent to subscribers in the warned areas via text messages (SMS) and e-mail. Premium users can also receive alerts via voice (phone) call.

E-mail, mobile devices and via telephone

Free or $