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Monsoon moisture isn't going anywhere anytime fast. We see minor losses in the absolute magnitude of the moisture in the air, but we don't see it moving out of the region. Thus we keep isolated to scattered coverage of rain showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for Tuesday. Warm and muggy afternoon conditions with a mix of sunshine and clouds. As always be aware of your local weather conditions. If storms approach your area seek shelter to keep yourself safe from the dangers that thunderstorms bring. Also be mindful of the potential for flash flooding. If you are in a flood prone location, seek higher ground.
If you wondered how the area transitions from a very dry spring, to a wet summer this graphic should help you "see" how it happens. The pressure patterns change aloft and down low in the atmosphere to chance the circulation and wind patterns over the Southwestern U.S. Aloft the dry westerlies cut off as the upper jet moves north. At the mid and low levels thing of a western U.S. low and a central U.S. high as paddle wheels that spin in opposite directions and direct moisture out of Mexico into the SW U.S. With that deep southerly flow importing rich subtropical moisture over the region, we now have an unstable airmass which needs only daytime heating to warm the ground, cause the air to rise, and build showers and thunderstorms.

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