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Extended Outlook: Warm for Late January into Early February

The Climate Prediction Center outlook that covers late January into early February shows above normal temperatures for eastern North Dakota into Minnesota. Read More >

The Climate Prediction Center has issued a La Nina Advisory for this upcoming winter. What does this mean for the Northern Plains? Well, typically La Nina's favor colder than normal conditions and slightly favor more snowfall. However, there are other climate drivers than can influence the Northern Plains during the winter months. 

Below is an image depicting the typical winter La Nina and El Nino patterns and impacts across North America. 


The Climate Prediction Center's latest winter outlook reflects a La Nina-type winter. In the graphics below, a wetter (snowier) and colder pattern on average is expected for December, January, and February (DJF). Of course, there will still be warm ups and dry periods. But the winter as a whole is expected to favor these conditions.





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