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Wildfire Danger Continues in Southern California

High pressure building into the Western U.S. will create strong offshore winds in southern California. Temperatures in this region are unseasonably hot, and conditions are dry. The combination of these strong winds and dry conditions will bring fire danger to portions of southern California. Red Flag Warnings are in effect here. Any new fires in this region could quickly grow out of control. Read More >

Please Note:  Not all staff members are listed on this page.

Administration/Program Managers

  • Sally Pavlow Johnson, Meteorologist-In-Charge
  • Barry Loy, Electronic Systems Analyst
  • Michelle Dempsey, Administrative Assistant
  • Brad Adams, Observing Program Leader
  • Mike Gillispie, Service Hydrologist
  • Todd Heitkamp, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  • Bryan Ruby, Information Technology Officer
  • Phil Schumacher,  Science Operations Officer

Senior Forecasters

  • Matthew Dux
  • Jen Hacker
  • Kerry Hanko
  • Kyle Weisser


  • Jeff Chapman
  • Jim Murray

Hydro-Meteorological/Intern Unit

  • Alex Ferguson
  • Janice Maldonado
  • Timothy Masters

Electronics Technicians

  • Darren Collins
  • David Stockinger