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Isolated thunderstorms are expected today mainly along and north of Interstate 20. Locally heavy rainfall and lightning will be the main threats. Highs will be in the mid to upper 90s with heat indices near 105 degrees.
Low temperatures will be in the lower to middle 70s tonight. Skies will generally be mostly clear, but expect increasing cloud cover overnight near the Red River. There is a small potential that a complex of thunderstorms may drift south of the TX/OK border late tonight and towards Saturday morning, bringing a risk for thunderstorms to the northern two rows of counties. Main threats would be brief heavy rainfall and cloud to ground lightning.
This weekend and early next week will feature hot temperatures with daily heat index values around 100-107 degrees, and generally low thunderstorm chances across the region. Given how hot it will be, any thunderstorms that develop during the afternoon will be capable of producing gusty downburst winds, along with brief heavy rainfall.

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Lightning Intro
Did you Know
Lightning Safety
Myths vs. Facts

Lightning, on average, causes 93 deaths and 300 injuries each year. In Texas alone, 34 people have been killed by lightning during the last nineCounty Area Map Showing Lightning Injuries and Deaths years. 184 injuries and nearly 23 million dollars (est.) in damages can also be attributed to Texas lightning since the beginning of 1995.  

So if lightning causes so much death and destruction, why is it called the underrated killer? 
Because often we fail to follow safety precautions, especially when we are caught outdoors, where most lightning deaths and injuries occur. Did you know that if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning? 

Protect yourself and others from the underrated killer by reading more of our did-you-knows, myths versus facts, and lightning safety tips.

Texas Lightning Stats from Jan 1, 1999 through Mar 31, 2000


Texas Lightning Stats


Killed Injured Damage
2004 3 58 .74M
2003 4 5 3.6M
2002 2 5 .97M
2001 1 6 1.4M
2000 5 19 .20M
1999 3 11 2.5M
1998 2 11 .88M
1997 3 34 6.4M
1996 6 7 4.4M
1995 5 28 1.7M


How To Estimate Lightning Distance
(miles from strike)

5 Second Rule PictureCount the seconds between the lightning and the thunder, then divide by 5.