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With fire weather concerns through Monday, it is important to emphasize that a majority of wildfires in Texas are caused by humans and their activities. Do NOT toss lit cigarettes on the ground. Do NOT drag tow chains on the ground. Do NOT park/drive over tall grass. Do NOT leave a campfire unattended. Do NOT burn unnecessarily. Check local burn bans/fire danger. Check the latest weather forecast. Contact law enforcement or the fire department if you smell smoke or see fire.

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Public Service Announcements

The 30-second safety announcements below are available in wav and mp3 format.  The wav files are high-quality files for broadcast use, and are quite large (around 2.5 MB).  The mp3 files are for general use, and are smaller and easier to download (around 300 KB).  These files may be copied and used for educational, preparedness, and public service use.


Public Service Announcements - 2005 (all .wav format)