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skywarn logoSKYWARN® Amateur Radio Information
For the Baltimore Washington Forecast Office


(station call sign for SKYWARN® Net Operations)
(Primary Repeater at Bluemont, VA)

SKYWARN® Amateur Radio Coordinator is Virginia Legowik, AK4EA ( )


        The primary amateur radio SKYWARN® network operates on 147.300 KHz from Bluemont, VA.  This repeater is located at an ideal site so that with a good antenna, about 75% of the NWS Baltimore-Washington Forecast Office SKYWARN® Network can be reached. However, because SKYWARN® is often operating during thunderstorm activity, it becomes necessary for reports to be sent using hand-held radios which do not have as great a range and could not reach the primary net. Therefore, the use of Amateur Radio subnets is important to maintaining a flow of critical weather information to the National Weather Service.
        The sub-net areas are comprised a listed SKYWARN® local repeater site and a group skywarn amateur radio spotters trained in skywarn net control operations. Reports that can not reach the primary SKYWARN® repeater are then fed through the local subnet repeater to the National Weather Service.  Communication between the subnet control operator and the SKYWARN® primary net control operator must be maintained at all times during skywarn net operations so that emergency information can flow quickly either to the subnet or from the subnet to the National Weather Service office.

map of skywarn subnets

Listing of Subnets and Repeaters:


  • Primary Net (RED) 147.300+ Bluemont, VA and 146.955- Rockville, MD
    Primary Net Backup: 145.21- pl 141.3 Linden, VA
    (146.955- is used as a Primary net frequency as well as a backup for the Primary.)
  • Western Maryland / West VA Subnet (GREEN) 145.33- pl 123 and 145.17- pl 123 “the Outback Repeater Link System”
  • Rockingham Co. / So. Shenandoah Subnet (LIME GREEN) 146.625- pl 131.8 and the Franklin, WV 147.345+
  • Stafford Subnet: 145.27-
  • Baltimore Area Subnet: Baltimore and Baltimore County: 147.030+, Harford County: 146.775-, Carroll County: 145.41-
  • Anne Arundel County Subnet: 147.105+
  • Southern Maryland Subnet: "The Southern Maryland Link System"

N3NO Repeater 147.390 (+) Tone 146.2
N3PX Repeater 147.195 (+) Tone 156.7
N3PX Repeater 147.255 (+) 146.2
N3PX Repeater 443.300 (+) 156.7
N3NO Repeater 444.350 (+) 156.7
WMSMR Repeater 147.150 (+) 114.8
KA3TQD Repeater 145.350 (-) 156.7
N3PX Hub 449.225 (-)
* All Repeaters are linked full time

**note that the Fredrick Co/ Washington Co. Maryland Subnet; once was active. We are in the process of investigating the situation there. Until then, repeaters will not be listed for it.

**Albemarle, Green, Madison, Orange, and Nelson Counties are not confirmed at this time.

        If you are a licensed amateur radio operator and wish to become more involved with SKYWARN® Amateur Radio Network, you are welcome to attend a SKYWARN® Advisory Committee Meeting. Any changes to SKYWARN® operations or SKYWARN® Amateur Radio networks must be approved by the committee.