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Posted: Wed Jul 26 06:04:33 2017

...Another Hot Afternoon with Heat Indices Around 105...

Rain chances will remain below normal today, with isolated showers and storms developing along the inland moving east coast sea breeze. Storms may increase in coverage across the interior near to after sunset, with boundary collisions toward the I-4 corridor. Any storms will be slow moving, and will have the potential to produce dangerous lightning strikes, gusty winds, and locally heavy rainfall.

Partly sunny skies and limited storm coverage will again lead to hot temperatures today, with highs reaching the low to mid 90s along the coast and mid to upper 90s over the interior. These hot conditions combined with high humidity will result in heat index values of around 105 degrees this afternoon. Limit your exposure to the heat and take breaks in the shade when possible. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Posted by Meteorologist - dkw

Posted: Tue Jul 25 20:45:09 2017

...Clear to Partly Cloudy Overnight...

After another day with lower than normal coverage of showers and storms, it will be a warmer than normal overnight period. Lows will be in the mid 70s, with some upper 70s along the coast and in urban areas.

Posted by Meteorologist - rll

Posted: Tue Jul 25 18:35:12 2017

...Slight chance of Lightning Storms until around sunset...

An outflow boundary lifting northward has been generating isolated lightning storms along the inland moving east coast sea breeze boundary. As of 630 pm, the storms had propagated to near Palm Bay then westward to near Lake Kissimmee. Drier air exists over the central peninsula and eventually the northward development of lightning storms will cease, but a slight chance will exist into north Osceola county

Posted by Meteorologist - rll