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Severe Thunderstorms Possible for the Central Gulf Coast; More Storms Move into the West

Strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible over the next several days along the central Gulf Coast and portions of the southeast. Storms may contain damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. Meanwhile, more storms will bring heavy rain, with heavy snow in the mountains to California and the southern Rockies through the weekend. Read More >


Flash Flood Guidance is used to predict flooding of smaller streams. Values are calculated for 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hour time periods for each county. Each value  means: "if that amount of rainfall occurs over the given county in the given time period flooding of small streams is likely". It should be noted that these values are meant as guidance only. Just because 2 inches of rain falls in an hour in a county where the 1 hour flash flood guidance is 1.5 inches does not mean there  will be flash flooding. Also it should be noted that this guidance is not applicable for urban, basement, or other flooding not associated with a stream.


Headwater Flood Guidance estimates how much rain is needed to bring selected headwater streams to flood in a given amount of time. As with flash flood guidance, these numbers are meant to be used as guidance only.

County Flash Flood Guidance - text products

County Flash Flood Guidance - 3 hourly graphic products Headwater Guidance- text products




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