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Fall Weather Pattern Arrives

Rain and much cooler temperatures behind a cold front will bring a feeling of fall to the east coast today. In addition, an active fall storm pattern developing in the Pacific Northwest this week will bring areas of heavy rains, and very high elevations could receive heavy snow. Wetting rains to the valley floors will spread south Thu and Fri into northern California,where active fires continue. Read More >

Storm Photos
Satellite images from the NASA GOES Project. Left: winter storm in progress on Friday, January 29, 2010. Right: annotated satellite image from January 31st showing the snow/ice cover.

Above are several satellite images that we managed to capture from during, and just after, the winter storm event.  The image from just after the winter storm is annotated and shows a long strip of snow and ice cover from the mid Atlantic back into the southern Plains. Unfortunately, for days after the winter storm, Oklahoma experienced a stretch of cloud cover that prevented satellites from being able to see all the way to the surface.