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Heavy rain and higher elevation snow continue for the Northwest, fire danger continues in Southern California

A series of Pacific storms will bring strong winds, heavy rain, and mountain snow to the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies through Sunday. Heavy rainfall and flooding is possible from the Mississippi Valley to the Deep South and Southeast U.S. this weekend and into early next week. Dry winds will prolong the fire weather threat for Southern California for several days. Read More >

Storm Multimedia

Storm Videos

Video of First Lawton, OK Storm (~5:30pm CDT) (Courtesy of Jared Leighton and Scott Blair, NWS employees)
Video of Second Lawton, OK Storm (~6:50pm) (Marcus Diaz, Storm Chaser)



NWS Operations


Photos of Lawton Storms and Damage


Storm #1

These two photos from the first Lawton storm show a well-defined wall cloud at left, and a clear slot at right. Photos courtesy C. Schwarz.


Storm #2

The series of photos above show the second Lawton storm as it produced a brief tornado. The top image shows a rapidly rotating wall cloud.The bottom two images show a tornado becoming wrapped in rain and hail.Photos courtesy C. Schwarz.

These two images show the magnificent, yet ominous structure of a high precipitation supercell. Tennis ball to baseball sized hail was being reported at this time near Cache. Photos courtesy C. Schwarz.


Storm Damage


Flooding near Meers, OK