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Why Prepare?

Just like a fire, an earthquake or an automobile accident, a tornado is a low probability, high impact event. Chances are, you will never experience a tornado. Even if you live in the heart of tornado alley, the chances that your house will be struck by a tornado are small. However, you need to be ready just in case. Your tornado safety plan is your safety belt, your smoke detector, your plan to survive when dangerous weather threatens.

This website is designed to give you information to help you prepare for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

The severe weather safety guidelines exist because they work most of the time; following these guidelines won't guarantee you won't be hurt or killed, but should improve your chances of being safe.


  • Stay Informed - Have at least three sources of weather information
  • Have a Plan - Know ahead of time where you are going to go when severe weather hits and have a plan to get there
  • Be ready to Act - When a warning is issued, don't panic. Simply follow the plan and take shelter in your designated safe area