National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Staff of Weather Forecast Office
Philadelphia/Mount Holly,NJ

Our dedicated staff serves many office functions. If you have any questions about our office or the functions it serves, e-mail one of our staff members, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



Gary Szatkowski Meteorologist-In-Charge
Joe Miketta Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Alan Cope Science and Operations Officer
Keith Pugh Electronic Systems Analyst
Scott Brinley Information Technology Officer
Raymond Kruzdlo Senior Service Hydrologist
James Bunker Observing Program Leader
Eugenia Corder Administrative Assistant

Lead Forecasters


Walter Drag Marine Weather Focal Point
Tony Gigi Storm Data Focal Point
Sarah Johnson Interactive Forecast Preparation System ( IFPS )
Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE) Focal Point
Dean Iovino Aviation Weather Focal Point
Coastal Flooding Focal Point
Frost and Freeze Focal Point
Jared Klein TBD

General Forecasters


Michael Gorse Severe Weather Focal Point
Larry Nierenberg Service Backup Focal Point
SKYWarnTM Coordinator
Tropical Cyclone Focal Point
Patrick O´Hara AWIPS Focal Point
Environmental Compliance Focal Point
Greg Heavener Assistant IT Officer
Winter Weather Focal Point
Lee Robertson Fire Weather Focal Point
Radar Focal Point
Space Weather Focal Point

Meteorological Interns


Kristin Kline Assistant Storm Data Focal Point
Valerie Meola EEO/Diversity Focal Point
Social Media Focal Point
Assistant Storm Data Focal Point
Mitchell Gaines

NOAA weather radio focal point

Lance Franck New intern


Electronics Technicians


Michael Conrad Radar, ASOS, NWR/CRS
John Morrill Radar, ASOS, NWR/CRS
Larry Robinson Radar, ASOS, NWR/CRS