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Heavy snow in the Rockies, Fire weather threat in the Southwest, and Heavy rainfall threat for the weekend in the Southern Plains into the Ohio Valley

Heavy snow is expected in the northern and central Rockies. There is a critical to elevated fire risk across the Southwest. A few severe storms are expected from the Southeast States into the Great Lakes and portions of the Central Plains on Thursday. Heavy rainfall is forecast through the weekend with a threat for significant flooding for the Southern Plains into the Mississippi Valley Read More >

WFO TAE Newsletter: Tallahassee Topics

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee is proud to continue our newsletter series, Tallahassee Topics. With each newsletter, we will introduce you to one of our employees in the Employee Spotlight section. We will also update you on any upcoming or recent changes in forecast and warning services, highlight new technologies, discuss local research projects that are underway, and discuss various outreach activities where NWS personnel go out into the community to interact with those we serve. Finally, we will provide you with a climate summary of the previous season and an outlook for the next. Over the past couple of years, your local NWS office has increased our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter and hope this newsletter will be yet another way for us to connect with you. Feedback and suggestions for future topics are always welcomed by our editors. We publish Tallahassee Topics quarterly. Current and previous editions of the newsletter are linked below.