National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Meteorologist In Charge (MIC) - I. Ross Dickman
Science and Operations Officer (SOO) - David Radell
Warning and Coordination Meteorologist (WCM) - Nelson Vaz
Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA) - James Vessalico
Administrative Support Assistant (ASA) - Florence Denis


Program Leaders
Senior Service Hydrologist (SSH) - Nancy Furbush
Information Technology Officer (ITO) - Faye Morrone
Observation Program Leader (OPL) - Tim Morrin


Lead Meteorologists Meteorologists
John Cristantello
Brian Ciemnecki
John Murray
James Connolly
David Stark
Jason Engle
Matthew Tauber
Bill Goodman
David Wally
Joe Pollina
Dominic Ramunni
James Tomasini
Matthew Wunsch
  ( vacant )


Electronics Technicians 
Mike Cox
Tim Dunham
( vacant )


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