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An early morning squall line developed across Central South Dakota and tracked east-northeast during the mid and late morning. Along the way, it produced several severe wind gusts from Jackson to Faulk Counties. A locallized wake low also developed around Potter County leading to very strong non-thunderstorm winds immediately behind the rain from the squall. A gust in Tolstoy reached 78 mph at 9:30 AM as a result. Heavy rain was also a factor - several locations from Sully to Campbell to Brown Counties reported over an inch of rain, with the maximum report being 4.6 inches 9 miles east-northeast of Leola. For all of the reports of severe winds and heavy rain, visit,UNR/201506141050/201506141500/0101


Radar image at 6:27 AM                                                                                       


Radar image at 8:01 AM


Morning rainfall totals


Shelf cloud from @mkenzio at the Little Bend RV Park, north of Pierre, this morning