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Has anyone else noticed it's gotten a little cold out there?

The early start has many around the region concerned that winter will continue unabated for the next 4 months.  So does a cold snap in November provide any clues to upcoming winter conditions? The short answer, thankfully, is not really. The chart below compares this year with November of 1985, which is the coldest November on record over the last 100 years. However, the winter of 1985-86 was actually relatively mild with less than 25" of snow. Overall, 1985-86 was dominated by La Nina conditions, whereas we are currently headed into an El Nino.

These abnormally low temperatures have origins back in the Pacific Ocean about a week ago. The remnants of Typhoon Nuri caused the jet stream to buckle, forcing Arctic air into the region. The forecast will remain cold for the next several days, however long range models are starting to show signs of moderation for the latter part of November and start of December.