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2004 Cooperative Observer Awards


2004 Thomas Jefferson Award Recipient


2004 Thomas Jefferson Award Winner - Charles Hanson

The Thomas Jefferson Award was presented to Charles Hanson from Artichoke Lake, Minnesota. Pictured from left to right are Tim Kearns, Data Acquisition Program Manager, Charles Hanson, Bob Bonack, NWS Central Region Headquarters COOP Program Manager, and Kenny Gillespie, Hydrometeorological Technician.


2004 Service Award Recipients


2004 30-Year Award Recipient - Darrell and Phyllis Kent

The 30-Year Service Award was presented to Darrell and Phyllis Kent from Redfield, South Dakota. Pictured is Phyllis Kent.



2004 20-Year Award Recipient - H.T. Desnoyers

The 20-Year Service Award was presented to H.T. Desnoyers from Clark, South Dakota. Presenting the award is Tim Kearns, Data Acquisition Program Manager.


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