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If it seems like we had very few dry days at Aberdeen for the past several months, you would be right as the precipitation data at Aberdeen shows this to be true. From March 1st through June 9th at Aberdeen, 57 out of the 101 days had at least a trace or more of precipitation or 56 percent of the time period. Recently, from May 15th through June 9th, Aberdeen has recorded a trace or more of rainfall for 19 out of the 26 days or 73 percent of the time period. Since March 1st, the longest dry stretch of days at Aberdeen has been five days with and average dry stretch of two days. Therefore, it has not only been cool at Aberdeen since March 1st, there have been very few dry periods. The precipitation has taken out most of the drought across the region. For the rest of the week and into the weekend, the chances of rainfall remain as the wet trend continues.