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South Dakota Severe Weather Preparedness Week, April 25-29

South Dakotans are no strangers to severe weather. Unfortunately it can be easy to get complacent about safety plans and when to enact them. Severe Weather Preparedness Week in South Dakota is April 25-29, 2022 and serves as an opportunity to increase awareness and response to summer severe weather hazards.

The National Weather Service encourages people to think about personal safety plans and to ‘Know Before You Go.’ Whether at home, school, work or traveling, people should review the weather forecast and think about severe weather safety in every situation.

Along with personal safety, businesses should evaluate and practice their severe weather plans. The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates that 62% of businesses do not have an emergency plan in place. Now is the time to develop and practice plans.

Each day during Severe Weather Preparedness Week has a specific theme to encourage people to focus their preparation and planning efforts. The links below provide additional safety information along with premade graphics that are free to use:  

Monday: Weather Alerts and Warnings
Tuesday:  Severe Storms Wind, Hail & Lightning

Wednesday: Tornado Safety Information

*The National Weather Service will be encouraging residents to practice their tornado drills on Wednesday but will not be activating the Emergency Alert System. Individual communities may sound sirens or plan other drills locally. Please contact your local emergency manager for more details.