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The Systems Operations Division (SOD) provides overall regional management, planning and direction for the integration, operation, and support of environmental observing, satellite information processing and information technology systems. This includes facilities and electronics installation and system maintenance. The Division supports our field offices in everyday operational matters and represents the region on national issues in the SOD program areas.

The Division implements NWS Headquarters policy; develops and recommends related regional procedures and plans; advises station managers on the implementation proposals for near-term regional systems improvements; and evaluates proposals for the development of new systems.

The Division provides technical support for the integration of advanced observing (e.g., NEXRAD, ASOS, and Profilers) and weather information processing systems (AWIPS), as well as regional operation and maintenance of these advanced systems. The Division provides technical assistance to our offices in all of the assigned programs. We are staffed with technical experts, such as Meteorologists, Engineers, Technicians and Computer Scientists that are trained in diverse disciplines. These experts assist field offices on a wide variety of technical matters.

The Division manages regional implementation of the NWS change and configuration management processes for operational weather systems and the regional planning and implementation of approved changes to those systems. The Division manages telecommunications and dissemination programs (including the NOAA Weather Wire Service and the NOAA Weather Radio) in support of NWS service objectives.

The Division manages a program to train, examine, and certify weather observers; the regional cooperative observations program; the regional electronics maintenance program; and the regional facilities and facilities-liaison program. The Division Chief recommends to the Regional Director the most efficient use of existing information technology and electronics maintenance and facilities resources to meet changing data and information requirements, to improve the support provided to the regional scientific and service programs, and to improve the economy of operations. The Division also provides the regional facilities upgrade program management for the construction of new houses and offices.

Alaska Field Support Unit (AFSU) – There is a field support group within SOD referred to as the Alaska Field Support Unit (AFSU). As shown in the SOD organization chart below, we arranged the AFSU by function with oversight provided through the two branches within SOD. The AFSU ensures continued field operations in the most cost-effective manner, through personnel support for observing functions, and through direct support for facilities and maintenance. Support provided by the AFSU is critical and essential to accomplishing the primary mission of the region to provide weather and hydrologic forecasts and warnings for Alaska and the adjacent ocean areas.

Branches -- The Division has two Branches, the Systems Integration Branch (SIB) and the Data Acquisition Branch (DATAC).

SOD - Org Chart