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The following are examples of external visits we provide to the community. Any group can request a talk.

School Visits: Our meteorologists visit area schools to educate and inform students about weather as a part of a curriculum in school systems. These talks are usually presented in conjunction with weather units during the course of the school year. Our presentations can be geared toward any age group, preferably Grade 2 or higher. A wide range of topics can be addressed. Some of these topics include (but are not limited to):

  • weather basics
  • weather safety
  • review of weather events to strike central New York and northeast Pennsylvania
  • careers in meteorology
  • earth’s climate system

The number of outreach activities that WFO Binghamton is involved with is limitless. Just a few examples: Career Day/Fair/Counseling or Science or Math Fairs/Contests or being a judge, proctor or mentor at science-related activities.

Community observances: We visit a wide variety of community groups in an effect to educate our neighbors about the weather. Types of organizations we are involved with include Kiwanis, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Sertoma Clubs, Senior Citizen Organizations, etc. Any group is welcome to invite a National Weather Service meteorologist to speak at their next function.

The Skywarn program is an effort to train members of the community to recognize severe weather, and aid the National Weather Service in protecting life and property. We also have programs geared toward any group interested in weather safety, or communities interested in becoming Storm Ready. Popular presentation topics are geared toward communities interested in learning about historically significant weather events which have affected us, such as Hurricane Agnes, the Blizzard of 1993, the tornado outbreaks of 1998, and more recent flood events such as June, 2006 or September, 2011.

To request a speaker, please contact the National Weather Service in Binghamton by phone at 607-729-1597, EXT 4.

You can also contact:

Please be include the following information:

  • Contact Person
  • Telephone Number and email address
  • Name of Group or School
  • Number and age group expected in the tour
  • Best time to call to confirm
  • Several possible dates for the visit and/or tour
  • Please allow several days for a meteorologist to get back to you.

We will schedule the event as quickly as possible.

*Please Note: Tours may be cancelled, if necessary, because of weather, staffing shortage, or changes to the terror alert threat level. Because of occasional unforeseen circumstances, some tours may need to be cancelled at the last minute. We will make arrangements to re-schedule the tour as soon as possible, or can offer a weather presentation instead.

Please use the links below to navigate through the different programs in our outreach program.