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Deadline to apply is March 17, 2018. Please make sure to do all that is listed in How to I Apply? section.


Are you a student studying atmospheric science?

Want to learn what we do?

If your answer is “YES,” consider volunteering with the National Weather Service in Binghamton!

We want to give you, a student majoring in atmospheric science or hydrology, a baseline understanding of the structure, mission requirements, and duties of the NWS. You’ll...

  • Become familiar with our forecast operations, allowing you to see how your education could be applied to operational meteorology.
  • Experience real-time severe weather operations.
  • Have additional opportunities to participate in storm damage surveys, outreach events, or complete an operationally-focused research project.
Who’s eligible?

Full-time students with a declared major of atmospheric science, meteorology, or hydrology are eligible. Preference will be given to those who are interested in a future career with the NWS1 and who will be completing at least their sophomore year this spring. (All classes are encouraged to apply). You do not need to receive credit through your academic institution to be eligible2.

What are the details on this program?

For the unpaid summer program, you’re expected to "work" 16-24 hours per week from late May/early June through early/mid-August. (We're pretty flexible on your "work" hours and exact start/stop times.) Additional opportunities beyond the summer program could also exist.

How do I apply? Then what?

Submissions are over for 2018.

  • All application packages will be reviewed by NWS staff.
  • Phone interviews will then be conducted for the top candidates.
  • Applicants will be notified of their status in early April, so that plans can be made and background security checks can be completed.
Want more information?

Contact Doug Butts, Meteorologist-in-Charge at or 607.770.9531

1Participation in this program neither guarantees nor requires a future job with the National Weather Service.

2Graduating seniors, however, will need to receive academic credit to be eligible for the program.