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How Long Has it been Since We've Hit 100 Degrees...And Is this Unusual?

 (Updated July 30th)


It has been a typical long, hot summer in Central Alabama. So, let's update how long it has been since the thermometer has hit the century mark in Central Alabama, and how this ranks with the  historical records at a few locations.

Let’s look at the Birmingham Airport first, where temperature records go back to 1930. The last time that it reached 100 degrees at the Birmingham Airport was July 1st, 2012, just over three years ago. The current streak now ranks eight on the list of consecutive days of not reaching 100 degrees and is just 27 days from moving into the number seven spot. The longest streak was just over seven years long, lasting from July 3rd, 1970 until July 5th, 1977, far ahead of the current streak. 
Next, let’s check the data for the Anniston Airport, where records go back to 1903. The current streak of not reaching 100 degrees is also just over three years long, with the thermometer last reaching the century mark on July 1st, 2012. But, this is also far from the longest streak, which occurred from July 3rd, 1970 until June 12th, 1977, or a period of almost seven years. The current streak ranks fifth and is 164 days short of overtaking the number four spot which has a streak of 1287 days.

Finally, let's see how Tuscaloosa’s current streak ranks in their records, which only go back to 1948. Tuscaloosa recently ended their string of days of not reaching 100 degrees on the 15th of this month at 1103 consecutive days when the thermometer hit 100 degrees.  The last time that the Tuscaloosa Airport reached 100  degrees prior to the 15th of this month was July 6th, 2012, again just over three years ago. Hovever, the latest string still exceeded the prior record streak of 1079 days which occurred from July 15th, 1966 to June 28th, 1969. 



Consecutive Days of Maximum Temperature Less Than 100 Degrees


Record Streak (Dates)

Current Streak (Dates)/Rank

Birmingham Airport

July 3, 1970 to July 5, 1977

July 1, 2012 to Present / Ninth

Anniston Airport

July 3, 1970 to June 12, 1977

July 1, 2012 to Present / Fifth

Tuscaloosa Airport

July 15, 1966 to June 28, 1969

July 6, 2012 to July 14, 2015*

 *Indicates some missing data at Tuscaloosa in the 1990s


Interestingly enough, the Montgomery Airport’s current string of 340 days of not reaching 100 degrees only ranks 24th on their list, far behind the record string of 2889 days that ended on June 5th, 1977.

With the month of August approaching, and above normal temperatures currently forecast during the first twelve days of that month, it will be interesting to see if Birmingham and Anniston can continue their current streaks.