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November was a Cold Month for Central Alabama
December has started off on a rather warm note for Central Alabama, in sharp contrast to what was experienced during November. November was quite cold across Central Alabama, in fact, it was the coldest November experienced since 1976 in many places.
So, how cold was November in Central Alabama. Let’s begin with Birmingham, where the average temperature was 48.9 degrees. This was 5.5 degrees below normal and was the eighth coldest November since 1896. It was also the coldest November since 1995 when the average temperature was 47.9 degrees. The coldest November on record for Birmingham occurred in 1976 when the average for the month was 45.4 degrees.
In Anniston, the average November temperature was 47.6 degrees, which was 5.9 degrees below normal. This was the fifth coldest November in Anniston since 1903, and the coldest since 1976. Anniston’s coldest November occurred in1976 when the average temperature was 45.4 degrees. 
Tuscaloosa’s average temperature in November was 49.2 degrees, or 5.8 degrees below normal. This was Tuscaloosa’s fourth coldest November since 1948, and the coldest since 1976. Tuscaloosa’s record cold November occurred in 1976 when the average temperature was 46.8 degrees.
Montgomery also had a cold November, with an average temperature of 51.0 degrees, which was 5.5 degrees below normal. This was Montgomery’s fourth coldest November since 1872, and the coldest since 1976. Montgomery experienced it’s coldest November during 1976, when the average temperature was only 48.0 degrees.
As many of you may remember, the record cold November in 1976 was followed by a very cold winter season in Central Alabama. Will that happen again this year? The current outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center indicate that the first half of December is likely to be rather mild, but there are indications that the second half of the month could trend toward a colder pattern. And the longer range outlook for January through March is calling for increased chances of below normal temperatures across all of Central Alabama. 

Stay tuned!