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It's Been A Hot Summer in Central Alabama...But How Hot?

If you've been outside much this summer you have certainly noticed that it has been quite hot in Central Alabama.
But how has this summer compared to a normal one so far in the area.  Let's look at some data and see.

Shown in the table below are the number of days for June and July (to date) that the thermometer has reached
90 degrees or more for four cities: Birmingham, Anniston, Tuscaloosa and Montgomery.  As you can see, each station
exceeded the normal number of 90 degree days in June, and are well on the way to exceeding their July normals.



Observed Number of Days (June/July 2016) Of Max Temp of 90 Degrees or Higher and Normal  Number of Days of 90 Degrees or Higher
STATION June 2016 June Normal July 2016 (Thru the 11th) July Normal
Birmingham 21 13 11 19
Anniston 21 13 11 18
Tuscaloosa 20 17 11 22
Montgomery 25 18 11 23


As you can see in the table above, to date we are running well above average  for the number of 90 degree days.

Next, let's look at the normal high temperatures for June and July at these cities and compare them to the
observed average high temperatures so far this summer.



Average High Temperatures (June/July 2016) and Normal June/July High Temperatures
Birmingham 91.4 87.7 95.3 90.5
Anniston 91.4 87.3 95.6 89.8
Tuscaloosa 91.1 89.3 94.0 92.5
Montgomery 93.3 89.8 96.1 92.1


The above table clearly shows that this has been a very hot summer to date, with daily high temperatures at
these stations mostly averaging from three and a half to five degrees above normal.   With  no major changes
in our weather pattern seen for the near future, it appears that the hot weather will continue across the area.
This is reflected in the latest outlooks from the National Climatic Prediction Center which continue to call
for above normal temperatures during the remainder of the summer season.