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 Early 2013 Tornado Statistics for Alabama

In case you haven't already heard or read about it, the low tornado count across the United States so far in 2013 is making headlines. Fortunately for everyone, the total number of tornadoes through early May is considerably behind the national annual average and is the lowest in nearly 60 years. There have only been 3 tornado fatalities in 2013, which is incredible when compared to the last few years. Click here to view the full story by USA Today.

So what about Alabama's tornado statistics for 2013? Does the same trend hold true here in our state? The answer may surprise you.

There has been a total of 20 confirmed tornadoes in the state of Alabama from January through April 2013. When comparing this number with the climatological 10yr average as well as the average for the most recent 10 yrs, the results are quite different. Here's a table that shows the comparisons.

Average Tornado Occurrances per Year (Jan-Apr)




2001-2010 (Climatological)


2003-2012 (Most Recent)



As you can see, the total number of Alabama tornadoes so far in 2013 compares quite well with the climatological 10 yr (2001-2010) average. However, it is far below the most recent 10 yr (2003-2012) average. Why is that? Well, the reason for this is the fact that the more recent average includes 2011, which has skewed the numbers toward the higher end of the spectrum since it was by far an anomalous year for number of tornadoes. Now it becomes obvious why the 2013 totals are so much lower than the most recent 10 yr average.

All in all, it may seem as though we've had a rather quiet start to 2013, but in actuality, we are near normal for number of tornadoes. The tornado outbreaks of April 2011 are what stand out in most people's minds, but they were not the norm. Therefore, the current climatological 10 yr average, which does not include 2011, are much more representative of the normal tornado occurrances here in Alabama.

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