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The weather can look pretty cool at times. Check out some of the following links to see some awesome pictures and videos.



NWS Bullet NOAA Photo Library: Collection of more than 20,000 images of our Earth's oceans and atmosphere

NWS Bullet
Weather Photography: Photos of clouds, lightning, atmospheric optics and astronomy

NWS Bullet Australian Weather Photography: Large collection of various weather phenomena

NWS Bullet Earth Science Picture of the Day: A different photo or satellite image each day complete with an interpretation of what you are seeing

NWS Bullet Hurricane Hunters Photo: Library: Ever wonder what you would see if you flew through the eye of a hurricane?

NWS Bullet Satellite Images and Movies: from NASA: Satellite images of hurricanes, floods, fires and other earth science phenomena

NWS Bullet Video of Lightning Striking a Plane: Amazing video of a 747 being struck by lightning just after takeoff
Do you have a weather photo you would like to share? E-mail us your picture along with your name, where the picture was taken, and if you would like, your age and where you are from. REMINDER: Please be aware of surrounding weather conditions when you take your photos and do not put yourself in any danger to take them. See the safety page for more details.

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