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Weather Experiments

Want to learn hands-on about the weather? Need a science project for school? Try some of these educational experiments. Experiments with this symbol, Beaker will require adult help. Please use caution handling thermometers, hot plates, matches or dry ice. Please read the DRY ICE SAFETY PAGE before using dry ice.


NWS Bullet Cloud in a Bottle: Make a cloud in a bottle! Beaker

NWS Bullet Make a Weather Station: Measure the wind, air pressure, rainfall and temperature

NWS Bullet Glue Stick Sunset: Learn about atmospheric scattering

NWS Bullet Pie-Pan Convection: Create convection cells with soapy water and a heat source. Beaker

NWS Bullet Magic Can: Learn about air pressure

NWS Bullet Homemade Barometer: Watch your barometer's water level change with the weather

NWS Bullet Marshmallows Making Funny Faces: Distort a marshmallow using air pressure

NWS Bullet Magical Inflating Balloons: See what warm and cold air can do to a balloon

NWS Bullet Plastic Cups in Love: What makes these two cups move closer together?

NWS Bullet Suck an Egg into a Bottle: Watch an egg get sucked into a bottle! Beaker

NWS Bullet Homemade Tornado: Create a tornado in a bottle

NWS Bullet Experiments with Dry Ice: A few simple experiments using dry ice. Beaker

NWS Bullet Thunderstorms and Tornadoes: A collection of experiments dealing with thunderstorms and tornadoes. Beaker

NWS Bullet Hair Hygrometer: Observe changes in humidity using a hair! Beaker

NWS Bullet Super Sparker: Make very tiny lightning


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