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Past Headlines - 2010
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NWS Bullet Traveling over the Holidays? Find the NWS Office Nearest YOU! (Dec 29)
NWS Bullet Top Ten Weather Events of 2001-2010 in Central Alabama (Dec 29)
NWS Bullet Christmas Day Snows of 2010 (Dec 28)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at the F4 Tuscaloosa Tornado in December 2000 (Dec 17)
NWS Bullet White Christmas History in Central Alabama (Dec 17)
NWS Bullet 5 Tornadoes Confirmed Nov 30th (Dec 3)
NWS Bullet Extremely Active Hurricane Season Was Gentle Giant (Dec 3)
NWS Bullet Climatology for The Iron Bowl (Nov 20)
NWS Bullet Coastal Maps from the Civil War Era Part of NOAA Legacy (Nov 20)
NWS Bullet Anniversary of November 1957 Tornado in Ensley this Week (Nov 14)
NWS Bullet Remembering the 11/15/2006 Severe Weather Outbreak (Nov 13)
NWS Bullet Storm Damage Surveys from Oct 25-26 (Oct 30)
NWS Bullet Revisiting the Oct 30th, 2009 Tornado in Marion County (Oct 29)
NWS Bullet Up Close with One of NOAA's Hurricane Hunters (Oct 29)
NWS Bullet The Winter Outlook For 2010/2011 Is Here (Oct 21)
NWS Bullet 15-Year Anniversary of Opal (Oct 4)
NWS Bullet September Rainfall Totals Tallied (Oct 1)
NWS Bullet NOAA's Use of Satellites in Hurricane Forecasting (Oct 1)
NWS Bullet High Water Mark Sign Unveiled at Selma (Sept 30)
NWS Bullet Drought Conditions Worsen Across Central Alabama (Sept 28)
NWS Bullet A Look Back at Hurricane Rita (Sept 24)
NWS Bullet Central Alabama Statistics for the Upcoming Fall Season (Sept 22)
NWS Bullet Anniversary of the Landfall of Hurricane Ivan - Sept 16, 2004 (Sept 15)
NWS Bullet NOAA: No Dead Zones in the Gulf as Part of the Oil Spill (Sept 12)
NWS Bullet NOAA Reopens 3000 Sq Miles for Fishing in the Gulf (Sept 7)
NWS Bullet August Rainfall Totals Tallied (Sept 3)
NWS Bullet The National Weather Service in Birmingham. Who Are We? (Sept 2)
NWS Bullet TD #5 Rainfall Amounts Tallied - Click Here for More Info (Aug 21)
NWS Bullet Central Alabama Heat Records Continue to be Set (Aug 11)
NWS Bullet Weather Review - Near Record PW Values Recorded at BMX (Aug 7)
NWS Bullet Record Hailstone Recorded in South Dakota (Aug 7)
NWS Bullet NOAA Still Expects Busy Hurricane Season (Aug 6)
NWS Bullet Flood Warning or Flash Flood Warning? Which One is Which? (Aug 2)
NWS Bullet Climate Records for June and July 2010 (Aug 2)
NWS Bullet What is a Significant Weather Advisory? (July 28)
NWS Bullet What Constitutes a Severe Thunderstorm? (July 15)
NWS Bullet Hurricanes and GPS Technology (June 22)
NWS Bullet Information on the VORTEX2 Project (June 22)
NWS Bullet This is Rip Tide Awareness Week (June 7)
NWS Bullet Hurricanes and the Oil Spill (June 1)
NWS Bullet NOAA Expects Busy Hurricane Season (May 27)
NWS Bullet Weather Review from April 17, 2010 (May 18)
NWS Bullet Historical River Flooding in Alabama (May 14)
NWS Bullet National Boating Safety Week May 22-28, 2010 (May 14)
NWS Bullet Tornado Outbreak Storm Surveys from April 24th  (Apr 26)
NWS Bullet Alabama Tornado Database Now Online...Also in Left-Hand Menu  (Apr 17)
NWS Bullet First Images from New GOES-15 Satellite  (Apr 13)
NWS Bullet Review of the April 14, 2007 Tornado in Bullock County  (Apr 13)
NWS Bullet More Pictures from the Maylene Tornado on March 25, 2010  (Apr 6)
NWS Bullet Remembering the April 8, 1998 Tornado  (Apr 5)
NWS Bullet 50 Years of Satellite Meteorology  (Apr 5)
NWS Bullet Tornado Event - March 25, 2010 (Mar 26)
NWS Bullet NHC Updating the Saffir-Simpson Scale for 2010 (Mar 17)
NWS Bullet 2010 Open House a Big Success! (Mar 15)
NWS Bullet Because Every Drop Counts...Join CoCoRaHS  (Mar 8)
NWS Bullet What is a Red Flag Warning?  (Feb 20)
NWS Bullet When the National Weather Service is Working the Radar  (Feb 17)
NWS Bullet Snow Reports from February 12th Snow Event  (Feb 12)
NWS Bullet Did You Know?? (Feb 1)
NWS Bullet Weather Review - January 29, 2010 (Jan 30)
NWS Bullet 2009 Statewide Rainfall Totals Gathered  (Jan 25)
NWS Bullet Coldest Start to January on Record (Jan 17)
NWS Bullet TPC Looks to Increase Lead Times on Watches and Warnings (Jan 17)