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NWS Bullet2018 Central Alabama Year in Review - Preliminary (Dec 19)
NWS BulletTwo Weak Tornadoes on December 1, 2018 (Dec 3)
NWS BulletDestructive 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Draws to an End (Nov 29)
NWS BulletWeather History: Tornadoes of November 29-30, 2016 (Nov 28)
NWS BulletWeather History: Tornado Outbreak of November 24, 2001 (Nov 22)
NWS BulletWinter Weather Safety Information (Nov 21)
NWS BulletEF-1 Tornado Surveyed in Lamar County from early November 6th, 2018 (Nov 6)
NWS BulletWeak Tornado causes damage in Lee & Chambers Counties (Nov 3)
NWS Bullet25th Anniversary Open House a Success! (Oct 29)
NWS BulletNWS Birmingham - Celebrating 25 Years at the Shelby County Airport (Oct 23)
NWS BulletSummary of Central Alabama Impacts from Hurricane Michael - October 10, 2018 (Oct 12)
NWS BulletBEACHGOERS: Learn about Rip Currents! (Sep 1)
NWS BulletBEACHGOERS: Check the Beach Forecast BEFORE Heading to the Water! (Sep 1)
NWS BulletCome & Celebrate our 25th Anniversary at the Shelby County Airport at our Open House on October 27th! (Aug 23)
NWS BulletFollow Us on Social Media! (Aug 4)
NWS BulletJune 2018 was 5th Warmest on Record for the Globe (Aug 2)
NWS Bullet2017 Was One of Three Warmest Years on Record (Aug 2)
NWS BulletLee County EF-0 Tornado on July 21st (Jul 23)
NWS BulletTurn Around Don't Drown PSA (Jul 13)
NWS BulletJune 2018 was 3rd Warmest on Record for U.S. (Jul 13)
NWS BulletHeat Safety Information (Jul 1)
NWS BulletWidespread Damaging Wind (Derecho) Event of June 28th (Jun 30)
NWS BulletEF-0 Tornado in Winston County on June 22nd (Jun 2)
NWS BulletSummer Safety Information (May 29)
NWS BulletSummer Safety Week in Alabama is May 20-26! (May 16)
NWS BulletHurricane Preparedness Week is May 6-12! (May 4)
NWS BulletDeaf and Hard of Hearing Emergency Preparedness Workshop on May 15th! (Apr 30)
NWS BulletApril 27, 2011: An Interactive Webpage & Album (Apr 27)
NWS BulletWeather History: Historic Tornado Outbreak of April 27, 2011 (Apr 27)
NWS BulletEF-0 Tornado in Montgomery County on April 22, 2018. (Apr 24)
NWS BulletWeather History: The Dixie Tornado Outbreak of April 24, 1908. (Apr 17)
NWS BulletWeather History: 20th Anniversary of Tornadoes of April 8, 1998 that Affected Central Alabama. (Apr 6)
NWS BulletThis Year Marks the 44th Anniversary of the "Super Outbreak" of April 3-4, 1974. (Apr 2)
NWS BulletHurricane Awareness Tour Coming to Montgomery on May 10th! (Mar 29)
NWS Bullet6 Tornadoes Confirmed on March 19, 2018 (Mar 21)
NWS BulletThis Year Marks the 25th Anniversary of the "Blizzard of 1993" (Mar 9)
NWS BulletSpring Weather Safety & Preparedness (Feb 28)
NWS BulletSevere Weather Safety and Preparedness Videos w/ Sign Language and Captioning (Feb 23)
NWS Bullet6 Tornadoes Confirmed on February 7, 2018 (Feb 9)
NWS BulletNational Weatherperson's Day is February 5th! (Feb 3)
NWS BulletHurricane Harvey: Costliest Disaster in Texas History (Feb 3)
NWS BulletSpring 2018 Online SKYWARN Spotter Class Schedule Now Available! (Jan 24)
NWS BulletSummary of the Snowfall of January 16-17, 2018 (Jan 19)
NWS BulletWe are the NWS - Proud to Serve You Across the United States! (Jan 19)
NWS BulletHome Heating Safety (Jan 7)
NWS BulletExtreme Cold Safety (Jan 7)
NWS BulletCentral Alabama Year in Review 2017 (Jan 6)