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At 13 days, Caribou has set an all-time record for consecutive days of measurable snowfall, 12/27. Here are the daily snow amounts:


Dec 15...15.5 in

Dec 16...0.9 in

Dec 17...0.1 in

Dec 18...0.8 in

Dec 19...0.7 in

Dec 20...3.3 in

Dec 21...1.5 in

Dec 22...5.8 in

Dec 23...2.0 in

Dec 24...0.6 in

Dec 25...0.1 in

Dec 26...4.5 in

Dec 27...0.1 in, through 945 am


The old record was 9 consecutive days in January 1991 and February 1960. Weather records at Caribou date back to 1939.


So far this month a total of 40.4 inches of snow has been observed, which is 21.6 inches above normal. Month to date it has been the snowiest December since 2007. It has also become one of the top 6 snowiest Decembers on record at Caribou.


Here are the top 6 snowiest Decembers on Record:

Dec 1972...59.9 in*

Dec 2007...44.5 in

Dec 1954...49.4 in

Dec 2005...43.4 in

Dec 2003...43.0 in

Dec 2013...40.4 in


*The all-time snowiest month at caribou


There have a total of 20 days this December with measurable snowfall at Caribou.  This sets a record for the most days with measurable snowfall during the month of December.  The old record of 19 days was set in 1956 and again in 1980.  January 1967 still holds the record for the month with the most days of measurable snowfall with 23. 


So far this month a total of 40.4 inches of snow has been observed.  This puts this month in an exclusive club of 40+ inch months at Caribou.  Over the years this is only the 7th time this has occurred during the month of December and the 14th time that this has ever occurred during a meteorological winter month (December, January & February).


More snow is in the forecast for Sunday and Monday, so it is very likely that we will continue to add to the snowy December 2013.