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Heavy Rainfall Across Portions Of Gulf Coast States This Week

Abundant moisture will interact with a stalled front in the Gulf of Mexico this week to generate locally heavy rainfall across the Gulf Coast region. This activity will be bolstered mid-late week by remnants of Willa, currently in the eastern Pacific. This surge of moisture could bring widespread flood concerns to the region given the prolonged period of wet weather. Read More >

Budget Formulation and Execution Division (CFO1)

The Budget Formulation and Execution Division is the focal point for budget formulation and associated planning activities within the National Weather Service. The Division is also the organization’s focal point for performance and programmatic evaluation.

Patrick Nield Acting Division Director
Obadiah Aguilar Lucjan Haber
Claudel Aubry Victoria Harps
Brian Crawley Carla Kirby
Shelia Foster Sreela Nandi
Gina Galo Kolandavel Ramasamy
Yvette Garnett-Singleton Mary Rieck
Laura Glockner  


Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • Manages NWS’ process for identifying and acquiring budgetary resources.
    • Develops and formulates requests, justifications, and supporting documentation for the annual budget submissions to NOAA, DOC, OMB, and Congress.
    • Coordinates NWS activities related to the Congressional Budget process, including tracking legislation, preparing appeal statements, preparing and presenting budget briefings, and developing written testimony and responses to Congressional inquiries.
    • Tracks agency funding levels and provides for the proper allocation and control of all budgetary resources as required by relevant statutes, regulations, and guidance.
    • Performs analyses of various project proposals, budget changes, and legislation.
  • Manages NWS’ programmatic and performance assessment processes.
    • Leads the periodic program review and assessment, including periodic quad charts and internal program reviews to ensure integration with overall budget and strategic plans.
    • Coordinates, tracks, and reports upon the NWS Annual Operating Plan.
    • Coordinates the establishment and reporting of performance evaluation methods, performance metrics, and performance-based management practices.
    • Contributes toward program analyses to support the planning, budget, and resource management functions.
    • Contributes toward the monitoring and evaluation of program implementation.
  • Manages the integration of financial, property, and human resources information to support managerial decisions.
  • Supports NWS and NOAA strategic planning and outreach.
    • Provides direct budgetary assistance to NOAA’s PPBES process.
    • Tracks the Five-Year Program Plans.
    • Assists NWS in the strategic planning cycle and the production of planning outputs.
    • Supports NWS’ Corporate Board, Investment Assessment Team, Operations and Services Improvement Process and Congressional Affairs Team.
    • Arranges, coordinates, and tracks Congressional, OMB, and other staff site visits and briefings.
    • Coordinates, reviews and tracks Congressional Reports mandated by Appropriation Acts.
  • The Division serves
    • as the focal point within the NWS for the distribution and accurate tracking of all fiscal resources to Financial Management Centers.
    • Iis responsible for all aspects of NWS budget execution, including the development of Financial Operating Plans, allowance advices, reimbursable task planning, and financial management for National Logistics Supply Center accounts.
    • Iis responsible for financial accounting, reporting, and analysis, including the development and implementation of cost accounting methodologies, the implementation of CAMS, development of financial statements, conducting liaison for financial audits, and for analyzing and developing financial systems requirements.
    • Also tracks and reports financial commitments to assure an accurate status of available funds.