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Heavy Snow Over The West; Critical Fire Weather Over The High Plains; Heavy Rain Potential Next Week

The threat for heavy snow will persist over portions of the Cascades, Sierra, and the Rockies into early next week. An extended period of dry and windy conditions will lead to critical fire weather over portions of the High Plains and Desert Southwest into Monday. By early next week, heavy rain, flooding, and severe thunderstorms could impact the southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley. Read More >

CFO2: Management & Organization Division

The Management and Organization Division (MOD) is responsible for the chief administrative office functions including all national level administrative policy and functions. The Division manages NWS's workforce management policy and activities, such as maintaining employee milestones; manages organizational design and position management activities; performs enterprise workforce planning; and provides organizational development support. The Division conducts and coordinates organizational studies and reviews and analyzes outside studies which are designed to meet current and future mission needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The Division coordinates national level labor-management relations within the NWS.
The Division is the liaison to the General Accounting Office, Office of the Inspector General, and other investigative agencies. The Division coordinates activities to provide reasonable assurance that NWS programs are free from waste, fraud, abuse, or mismanagement. The Division provides management of the NWS directives systems, Freedom Of Information Act and Privacy Act implementation, and oversight for the various awards programs. This includes responsibility for all senior executive recruitment and performance related activities and staffing and personnel matters supporting the CFO/CAO. The Division establishes and manages authorized positions and hiring controls and provides common services to other HQ offices for Human Resources. The Division provides administrative operations (i.e. personnel activities, small purchase acquisitions) support to the Office of the Assistant Administrator.

Manages all NWS human resource activities:

  • Controls and allocates personnel resources
  • Analyzes organizational design
  • Evaluates position management structure
  • Conducts organizational and staffing studies
  • Ensures efficient and cost-effective position and organizational structure
  • Analyzes current and future staffing needs
  • Develops staffing plans
  • Advises management on labor-management relations and grievance resolution
  • Prepares response and coordinates all Step III (national level) grievances
  • A-76 reviews

Special Hiring Initiatives (student, summer, welfare-to-work):

  • Conveys program guidelines, provides advice to mangers, ensures that hiring goals are reached
  • Student Programs

Conduct and coordinate program reviews to provide reasonable assurance that NWS programs are free from waste, fraud or abuse:

  • Serves as liaison with General Accounting Office (GAO) and Office of Inspector General (OIG) activities.

Serves as Freedom of Information Act Liaison:

Develops and implements broad policy and administrative guidelines


DOC Awards:


NOAA Awards:
  Bronze and Administrators
NWS Awards:
  Cline Awards
  • Coordinates the nomination and ceremonial process

Other miscellaneous awards:

  • Conveys guidelines and coordinates the nomination process