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Valley Rain and Mountain Snow for Portions of the West; Tranquil Weather for the East

Low pressure will progress inland across the west overnight with some valley rain and higher terrain snow as this system tracks across the Intermountain West on Monday. East of the Rocky Mountains, high pressure will keep the weather pattern tranquil with moderating temperatures expected for the center of the nation. Read More >

The OCFO/OCAO Mission: 

The NWS Office of the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer leads effective and responsible stewardship of financial, human, and physical resources and establishes budget, internal controls, and administrative policies and procedures to help enable NWS to fulfill its mission while building a Weather-Ready Nation. 

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The OCFO/OCAO Vision: 

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer shall be known throughout NWS for its expertise, customer service, and knowledgeable guidance with a focus on delivering consistent, responsive, and effective support to all NWS stakeholders. We will provide timely, accurate, and complete information and analysis to support transparent decision-making.

OCFO/OCAO shall foster a positive workplace environment where employees are valued for their contributions, acknowledged for quality work, encouraged to develop skills to reach professional goals, and empowered to perform duties at the highest standards, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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