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Dangerous Heat Persists in the Southern U.S.;

Heat advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings persist across the Southern Plains and the Lower Mississippi Valley. Conditions should slowly improve in these area by Thursday. Severe storms and localized areas of flash flooding may occur across parts of the mid Mississippi Valley and portions of the southern and central High Plains. Read More >

The following proprietary components have been removed from the ORPG source code for the Public Edition of CODE.

Component Product Name Executable Task Name Source
Automated Microburst Detection Algorithm AMDA nexradAmda MIT/LL
Enhanced High Resolution Vertically Integrated Liquid HRVIL hiresvil MIT/LL
Data Quality Assurance DQA data_qual MIT/LL
High Resolution Enhanced Echo Tops HREET hireseet MIT/LL
Machine Intelligent Gust Front Algorithm MIGFA nexradMigfa MIT/LL
Icing Hazard Level IHL icing_hazard MIT/LL
Hail Hazard Layer HHL hail_hazard MIT/LL
NCAR Turbulence Detection Algorithm - Intermediate Products NTDA_EDR_IP
ntda_alg NCAR
NCAR Turbulence Detection Algorithm - Final Products NTDA_EDR
ntda_fp NCAR