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Snow started occurring on the evening of October 26th as strong cold air advection helped bring surface temperatures into the lower 30s in an area curving from the Brainerd Lakes up towards Duluth, and along the north shore of Lake Superior into southern Lake County. The heaviest snow with this storm fell in a relatively concentrated area from near Cloquet and Esko, northeast through Duluth, Hermantown, and surrounding communities, and towards Two Harbors. This was due in part to a relatively persistent band of heavier snow that set up late in the evening, around Midnight. To the left is a radar image from 12:04 AM CDT on October 27th.

The snowfall at Duluth was the 4th greatest storm total snowfall in October at Duluth on record. The greatest was on October 23-25, 1933 when 11.5 inches of snow fell.

When combined with strong, gusty winds, the snow reduced visibilities to around or just under one half mile. The location of the heaviest snowfall was a bit unusual as it fell to the south or southeast of the center of the low, which is not typical in most winter storms.

Here is a snowfall map for the NWS Duluth county warning area, created using GIS software:

Here is a listing of snowfall reports received through midday on October 27th. Therefore, the time that is listed by each report is from October 27.


Snow (in) Location ST County Time
9.0 2 SW Twig MN St. Louis 640 AM
8.0 2 SE Twig MN St. Louis 1034 AM
8.0 1 N Adolph MN St. Louis 700 AM
7.7 3 NE Hermantown MN St. Louis 100 PM
7.1 8 E Fredenberg MN St. Louis 900 AM
7.1 7 NW Two Harbors MN Lake 752 AM
7.0 4 S Sawyer MN Carlton 1230 PM
6.0 Saginaw MN St. Louis 931 AM
6.0 12 NNW Hermantown MN St. Louis 840 AM
5.0 4 WNW Cloquet MN Carlton 726 AM
5.0 5 NW Two Harbors MN  Lake 530 AM
4.8 2 WNW Duluth MN St. Louis 800 AM
4.5 Leader MN Cass 926 AM
4.5 Sawyer MN Carlton 605 AM
4.0 2 E Floodwood MN St. Louis 800 AM
4.0 Floodwood MN St. Louis 800 AM
4.0 Saginaw MN St. Louis 630 AM
3.8 3 NE Brainerd MN Crow Wing 630 AM
3.0 5 W Two Harbors MN Lake 800 AM
2.0 Culver MN St. Louis 605 AM
1.5 14 W Isabella MN Lake 900 AM
1.0 Moose Lake MN Carlton 750 AM
1.0 Butternut WI Ashland 600 AM
0.8 Wrenshall MN Carlton 800 AM
0.5 5 N Grand Marais MN Cook 1120 AM
0.2 Solon Springs WI Douglas 900 AM
0.2 4 W Clam Lake WI Burnett 700 AM