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***Update:  The scheduled maintenance on the radar dome has been postponed until further notice.***

The weather radar used by the National Weather Service Forecast Office in White Lake is scheduled to be out of service for the final phase of maintenance on the dome enclosure. The system will be down from Monday, September 17th through Wednesday the 19th.

During the outage, radar coverage will be available from adjacent sites including NWS Grand Rapids, Gaylord, Cleveland and Northern Indiana, as well as the TDWR at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Damaged exterior panels were replaced in the first phase of maintenance and now a crew will wash, seal, and repaint the entire dome to complete the project.

Maintaining a clean, sound, watertight radome is essential to WSR-88D daily operating efficiency and long-term reliability.

This work is being undertaken as a part of a nation-wide radome maintenance program managed by NWS’ Radar Operations Center, a tri-agency office funded by the NOAA National Weather Service, the United States Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration to support NEXRAD WSR-88D radars.



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