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March Going Out Like a Lion with Intensifying Central U.S. Storm

Tens of Millions of people are under threat of potentially intense severe weather as a powerful frontal system sweeps across the Central U.S. At least a few long-track, strong to potentially violent tornadoes, intense damaging wind, and very large hail are probable across much of the Mississippi Valley. Heavy snow and blowing snow will produce travel hazards in the Upper Midwest. Read More >

Patricia Brown Jones
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Program
Pronouns: she, her, hers
Phone: (601) 842-2824

Ms. Sabrina Johnson
Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Specialist (EODM Specialist)
People with Disabilities Employment Program Manager
Disabled Veterans Program Manager
EEO Pre-Complaint Counselor
Black Employment Program Manager
Myers Brigg Certified
Phone: (301) 427-9073

Ms. Mary Dunbar
DEIA Program Analyst
Native American Program Manager
GBTL Representative EEO Pre-Complaint Counselor
EEO Certified Mediator
Phone: (301) 427-9071

Lisa Schmit
Tiger Team Task Force Co-Lead
Office of Organizational Excellence
Pronouns: she, her, hers
Phone: (612) 723-8815

Lisa Love
Tiger Team Task Force Co-Lead
Director, Management and Organization Division
Office of the Chief Financial Officer, NWS
Phone: 301-427-9005

Suzanne Van Cooten, Ph.D. (Chickasaw)
National Weather Service (NWS) Project Leader
Advancing Sustained Collaboration & Engagement with Native Tribes (ASCENT)
Phone: (405) 888-0113